I want to delete RoboForm

Hi…I downloaded the free trial of RoboForm and don’t like it so I’m trying to delete it and remove it from my computer.I am able to delete most of the files, but two won’t delete. I get a box saying access denied, you need permission to perform this action. I am the administrator for this computer.Can anyone help me delete these last two files? I would be so grateful.

Stop the process in the task manager then you can delete them

Thanks Jethro…I went to Task Manager and ended one process and was able to delete the .exe file, but the .dll file still will not let me delete it. I could’nt find anything in the Task Manager that appeared to be associated with that remaining .dll file.

Try rebooting then delete the dll

OK…I rebooted and tried to delete the .dll file. Got the same rejection,i.e
box entitled “Destination Folder Access Denied” in the box “You need permission to perform this action”

Did you empty the recycle bin of the .exe file? Then try to delete the whole folder the dll file is in.

Yes, I emptied the recycle bin and tried to delete again with the same results. also, I did a search for the file(roboform.dll) and the results said “no items match your search” I am baffled!


weren’t you not able to properly uninstall the software from either ControlPanel/Software or an “Uninstall” entry from the start menu?
Manually deleting software is very often causing trouble.


dismount the dll and then use unlocker to remove the rest.

Many Thanks Jethro,mciahel,chef for your suggestions. The problem remains and there are other issues appearing so I am going to take this machine into the GEEK Squad and see if they can figure it out. Again, thanks for your help!


chef…Before giving up and going to the Geek Squad,I followed the link you provided.It allowed me to download “Delete Doctor”. I entered the offending file and it immediately deleted the file. I went back to the folder,deleted it and the folder it was under with no trouble. This also removed the RoboForm toolbar which I could’nt get rid of. They all went to the recycle bin and their size shows 0KB each. Many thanks for sticking with me on this problem. After I posted here, I realized this forum was primarily for CD/DVD/Media problems but you gys helped anyways. I promise to only post on topic in the future.

No need to stick to cd/dvd problems wilsenn. We have hardware and software forums as well as media and burner forums here at CDFreaks. This newbie forum is a catch-all for people new to the site, so most any type of question/problem is allowed here for them.

Welcome to the forums, and glad chef got you sorted out. :slight_smile:

Happy computing.