I want to damage my CD/RW

I want to damage my CD/RW without the store take notice, if I flash the drive with bad bios, will the store know that I flashed it incorrectly ?

in fact the reason I want to damage my device, that in my conuntry must be the drive defective to be able to replace it and my device is not working properly, it gives me some problem but the store don’t want to replace it for these problem so I want to damage without the store make notice that I damaged it.

Sell it on Ebay or similar.

the device is new, only 1 month used but it gives my problems in writing and the store don’t want to exchange it, the only way to exchange the drive is to damage it without the store notice that

I think I remember a thread like this being closed not long ago…

Maybe if you describe your problem with the drive, we might be able to help you with that side of things.

I agree with you Arachne I think this one needs closed due to trying illegal activity / fraud…As mentioned sell it on ebay I bet you’ll get twice as much from what you paid for it. I sold a cdrw that cost me 40.00 and sold it for 75.00 on ebay once. plus it was older than 1 month.

Without making any assumptions as the OP hasn’t described any particular reasons why he claims his drive is defective…
I think it presumptious to immeadiatley label his intent as “illegal activity / fraud”.
I wouldn’t condone him trying to deliberatly damage his drive but if there is a defect the merchant should have some accountability as well.

There does exist in some parts of the world such a thing as:

An implied warranty of merchantability is a warranty implied by law that if a merchant (meaning someone who makes an occupation of selling things) sells something, that merchant is guaranteeing that the goods are reasonably fit for the general purpose for which they are sold. To be merchantable (salable), goods must meet the following conditions: 1). The goods must conform to the standards of the trade as applicable to the contract for sale. 2). They must fit for the purposes such goods are ordinarily used, even if the buyer ordered them for use otherwise. [B]3). They must be uniform as to quality and quantity, within tolerances of the contract for sale.[/B] 4). They must be packed and labeled per the contract for sale. 5). They must meet the specifications on the package labels, even if not so specified by the contract for sale. This warranty will apply to one who is a merchant and regularly deals in the type of merchandise sold. If the merchandise is sold with an express “guarantee”, the terms of the implied warranty of merchantability will fill the gaps left by that guarantee. If the terms of the express guarantee are not specified, they will be considered to be the terms of the implied warranty of merchantability.

is your drive not working properly because of something YOU are not doing right ? Or is the drive malfunctioning because it is defective ? That’s the point, you shouldn’t have to damage it - just go to the store and call the manager and shove the drive on hs desk and tell’em that his crap isn’t working, so what will it be, a full refund/exchange or a small claims court ?

What you are attempting is DISHONEST, and illegal and don’t expect anybody here to help you - Imagine if everybody did that…


“Oh I just purchased a VCR but I see a flashing 12:00, I think it is not working properly so how do I DAMAGE IT ?”

Come on who are you kidding here - tell us what the problem is, if the drive is truely defective then get an exchange or just open it up, remove the lens and claim your cat ate it ! :smiley:

simple: write an mail to the manufacterer of the drive stating your problem.
also say that the shop refuses to take the drive back.

they should reply that the shop has too take it back. print that mail and take it with the drive to the shop.
DEMAND your refund.

This thread is closed because what kimohw is trying to do is illegal and as such is against our rules.

A new thread to help kimohw with his drive problem can be found here: