I want to copy MOHAA and C&C Generals, but I don´t know what to do!

Hi everyone!
I am totally new at this, so you have to excuse me if I´m stupid!=)

I want to copy MOHAA and C&C Generals, but I don´t know what to do!!

I have a HP CD-writer plus 8100 series
Im using Clone cd or Alcohol 120% and I have ClonyXXL

But I don´t know what to do next!

Someone please help me!!


Maybe we should add a new rule… no topics such as “Help!!”
PLease use a more describing title for your post next time, so people can better judge if they can help you.

both SD protected

start alcohol with the SD profile and make the image
then select the SD writing profile (enable EFM bypass error option) and hope for the best.
alcohol works nice for my zero sheep writers, so maybe you also one of the lucky persons :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Ok… didn´t understand much of that…
What do you mean with SD profile??
I have started alcohol, but it won´t work…
I can´t even make the image…!
it says reading error at 831 and so on…
and what is EFM?? I am swedish so I have the swedish version… but I think I know what you mean… Is it the “error skip option” or what Im supposed to call it??
What to do?!?

mohaa is the nasty 2.51 as well. select the protected game disc profile, i think. use clonecd, alcohol :Z

Hmm ok…
But I tried the clone cd and used the protected game option…
but when it starts to read it takes forever and nothing happens! and its reading really slow… current reading speed ends up at 190k/sec…
Is it supposed to take so long???

yes for the first 3% or 4% it will go very slow then it will read normally

Isn’t the HP8100 one of the old Sony drives? Are we sure that it can copy anything?

Originally posted by rdgrimes
Isn’t the HP8100 one of the old Sony drives? Are we sure that it can copy anything?

only way to find out is to try it :slight_smile:

@ ckin2001
why so negative about alcohol?
for many people alcohol works fine where ccd fails
for the SD 2.8 protection the only good combination seems to be the newest Asus or Lite-On drive with ccd
with alcohol SD 2.8 can be backed-up with a more drives (asuming that you dont use emulation, wich should not be necesary for SD 2.8)

Ok thanx…
I just checked my reader as well… it is a LG 8522B, if it makes any difference??
I just started making a image of MOHAA with clone cd… the current speed ends up at 3kbyte/s as usual… but I will let it be and see what happens…
thank u all!!
I will come back if it doesn´t work!

Originally posted by Maelstrom
@ ckin2001
why so negative about alcohol?

im negative about alcohol? OH! the puking face. i guess it seems like the new fad to me. i’ve used clonecd since securom / safedisc, before i knew that the orange book wasn’t just any book with an orange cover. hasn’t failed me yet. why try something else?

Ok… It´s like this…
I burned MOHAA with clonecd… it worked… the cd starts… but it freezes at the MOHAA picture in when I´m trying to start the game…
What is wrong!?!?

I was using a generic cd burner. I was having the same problem burning MOHAA and Battlefield 1942. I also use blindwrite suite. After i read the forums in the burning software I found out that u have to use a approved burner for the safedisk copy protection. I bought a Asus Burner 52x it worked great. Burnt 2 diffrent copies of MOHAA and Battlefield 1942 and they work fine where before i had problems like the game freezing and other things as to errors in the middle of a game things like that. So i think that the answer is with the burner, and using blindwrite.