I want to copy DVD's and put VCR on DVD



Be patient. I am old. Do I need two DVD-r’s? I’m thinking 2 BenQ’s to do this. I have been away and am not proficient in this field. What hardware and software do I need? Jus tlooking for the basics, and I do thank you for any help. (I used to design Z80s stuff years ago. That’s how old I am.)


At a minimum you need one DVD writer, as you can copy the image to your hard drive, and then burn to the dvd writer. If you are capturing VCR, you need a video card that is capable of video capture, and software to perform the capture. If you do some checking on www.dvdrhelp.com, you can find a lot of free software, advice, and actual tutorials to assist you. If you need more help, just holler.


Thanks for the reply. I want to cop DVD’s amd put my VCR tapes on DVD’.s Thankf rot eh reply.


Should be able to do this over a network also, true?


I get the best results for copying tapes using a stand-alone set top DVD recorder, if you do it in your 'puter you will need a quality capture card or external firewire capture box.

Copying DVD’s is easy-peasy with any burner and DVDShrink (freeware).


If any of the vcr tapes are copy-protected you might have to get a TBC/video stabilizer to fix the video. If going the route of capturing to your computer I would look at the capture cards that do mpeg 1/2 on the fly. This will save alot of time by not having to encode the capture to a compliant dvd mpeg 1/2.