I wan't to copy a dvd but its has protection, how can i still burn it?

I want to burn a original dvd fun with dick and jane but nero digital can not burn this because of the protection. Does anyone know how to get rid of this and burn the dvd??

AnyDVD from Slysoft.com.

yeah i saw that but it says it might damage the original dvd? is that true because its not my dvd?

If its not yours we cant help you. Read the rules.

It won’t damage it so don’t worry.

The OP doesn’t say that he’s copying it for himself, could be that it belongs to a friend & he’s doing the copy for him so that the kids don’t ruin the original.

ok thnx you all , i hope i can burn i without damaging the original dvd

And when i ripped the dvd with anydvd than i can burn it with nero. Can you explain that what i must do that would be helpfull.

thnx you guys it worked verry good!!

super dvd copy could duplicate it without difficulty and no damage to your original disc. pls download at http://www.dvd-copy-software.org

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