I want to convert dvds to avi or wma divx

i dont know a lot about computers my bf just upgraded my computer so i can copy dvd which i use dvd decrypter and i did have dvdx but it dont work properly the picture is not that good. i want to convert dvds to avi or wma divx so that can put it on a normal data dics. do you know any free programes to convert dvd to avi or wma or divx which is easy to use and FREE and will have a good picture. please help i would really appricate it.


Welcome to CD Freaks.

Here’s a link for you. It’s an app called DVD2AVI and the guide is quite easy to follow I think.

There’s also plenty of guides on this forum , so have a look here .

I think it would be a good start to list your computers specifications:

Go to start, my computer, right click my computer, left click properties.

List what is under “System” and “Manufactured and supported by”