I want to buy DVDFab!



I have the trial version of DVDFab, I want to buy it. They say on the website that I can save $10-$30. I tried to buy it, I did not receive any type of discount when I went to check out. Regular price $49.95, where’s the discount. Anyone know anything about this?


Which version were you trying to buy? I just went to checkout on both version and it automatically applied the discount for me. Maybe you were trying to buy during a maintenance period and it glitched. Try again.


Hi MYERZ, and welcome to our forum.

To me it looks like you will save:

[li]$10 on the DVDFAB Gold – regular price $49.95 – offered for $39.95[/li][li]$30 on the DVDFAB Platinum – regular price $79.95 – offered for $49.95[/li][/ul]