I Want To Buy A DVD Recorder, Some Questions


Wifey and I are very much interested in purchasing a DVD Recorder. So, knowing this is a group that knows an answer to almost everything, I’ve got some questions.

  1. You are familar with MP3 CD’s correct? Well, I got this great nifty program called “Nero” that states I can make a DVD MP3 disc. However, I don’t know of any models that can play DVD MP3 discs. Do you? Which one and please, lead the way via the internet to it!

  2. Whilst reading online elsewhere (I really don’t remember where) I learned that Pay-Per-View movies/events cannot be recorded onto DVD. One writer wrote of X’s all over the recorded information, where the new video should’ve been. Recording HBO, Showtime, digital and analog TV is not a problem. So, the question is, what machine out there will record the Pay-Per-Views. This is not a HDTV broadcast issue, this is an old issue that I’ll use history as an example for. When VCR’s were the craze/norm, the only machine out there that could “defeat” copyright protection was the dual deck known as GoVideo. This feature would ensure a person could have a back up of a store bought video concert/movie. A Comcast cable representative while finishing work on the pole line outside yesterday informed me that yes indeed, DVD recorders and Pay-Per-View essentially don’t mix. I do have a remedy for that but it takes double the time to get info onto a DVD. The remedy is, the VHS recorder (also known as VCR). Simply record the Pay-Per-View onto VHS, play the VHS and record the DVD. OR, keep the VCR in between the cable box and the DVD recorder. So again, the question is, what DVD Recorder out there can and will record Pay-Per-Views out there with no hindrence? Please, lead the way.

  3. Price. I really don’t care to spend more than $250 USD.

  4. Universal play. If “Joe Shmoe” sends me a PAL DVD, I’d like to be able to play it and or record in either NTSC or PAL. Please, lead the way!


W. K. Mahler

I’ve never heard of DVD recorders nor being able to record Pay Per View. My DVD recorder (Philips - which I wouldn’t recommend, for other reasons) recorded them just fine. In fact, I read a couple of years ago that the person who pays for the pay per view can legally make one digital copy of the movie. I’m interested to hear if anyone on this forum has ever had a problem recording pay per view.

he’s most likely talking about a dvr with a dvd recorder built in

i’ve never heard of such a thing, tho.

just another reason to do your timeshifting with your computer, and not a set-top

As for DVD-MP3 discs, you will need to consult the manufacturer for compatibility. Most have a PDF manual available for download but the online list of specs should mention it too.

As for recording PPV, that’s something I’ve never done. Given the cost of a rental, there’s doesn’t seem to be much reason to use PPV at all, unless it’s a special event. I have read that many newer recorders do have this limitation, so I would do some research, maybe at http://www.videohelp.com/ or one of the other video forums. It may well be just a limitation of the DVR/DVD combo units.

As for playing PAL discs, that’s usually not an issue with current recorders/players, but again you should do the research on any given model. You’re more likely to get hosed by region encoding than PAL.

I’ve been pretty happy with my Panasonic recorder, but if I were buying today I’d go with a unit that’s high-rated for image quality, maybe Pioneer. All the rest of the bells and whistles are not that important to me.

I could not find one product that did all I wanted so: I have a stack Panasonic DMR ES25S, Panasonic DVD S52, replaytv 5000; all in silver looks good and work fine together. :slight_smile:

Can’t advise you on the cable-tv stuff, but if you have RealPlayer v.10, you can upgrade to RealPlayerPlus for $20. That version allows you to burn CD-mp3s from your DVD-mp3s. Bear in mind the [B]700mb[/B] CD capacity vs the [B]4.3Gb[/B] on the DVD. You will be able to play those CD-mp3s on certain CD players. For example, I have a boom-box that allows it, and my Panasonic ES25 DVD recorder allows playback of CD-mp3s though my television – even shows a menu on the screen (surprisingly it does not play DVD-mp3s). However, the CD-mp3s will not play on my Sony Carousel or my automobile CD players. Newer model cars sometimes have the option of CD-mp3 players.