I want to buy a digital camera

help me if you can
I have about £400 to spend and Im looking for something that is
not complicated to use. More of a point and click but I want a high
picture resolution for when I want to print photo’s (large ones)
any reviews from you guys would be most appreciated

thanx in advance:)

if you want to print big pictures you need lots of pixels…
If you buy a cheap camera and magnify the pictures you can see al the dots. When you buy a expensive mega pixel camera you have lots of pixels. When you magnify these pics you still will have a good quality.

Personally I still think that buying a good camera and a mid-range scanner is cheaper and produces far better results.

But if you insist on having a digital camera because you need the pictures digital instantly, I have seen great results from Canon cameras. Don’t know which of those falls in your budget category, but you can hardly go wrong with Canon.

I’m satisfied with the Olympus cameras. Actually we use mainly olympus at work because of little problems with them and good quality.

Olympus is indeed very good (3030 and 3040 series should now be in your price-range I assume)

Nikon is mostly cheaper and provides more or less the same quality.
I have them both and the Nikon looks like a “copy” of the Olympus, only different color and case. But handling, preview screen and menu work exactly the same.

Like you said, you want to print the images, so you’ll need the highest possible resolution in your price range.

3.3Megapixel is a minimum; below 3.3 you will still be able to print “regular” photo-sized pictures (13cmx9cm, maybe even 15cmx10cm), but since you want “large” pictures, I would advice 4Megapixel or more.
£400 is about 600EURO? I’m not sure, but I think the cheapest 4Mexapixels are in that range.

Also keep in mind: if you want to make pictures in 4Mexapixel, you won’t be able to store many pictures on a 16MB-flashcard. So look for a camera that has standard at least 64MB of memory.

Like Tax already said, it’s cheaper if you buy a standard camera and a good scanner. Classic photography offers a much higher resolution (about 10Megapixel). But off course, digital photography is easier and has no “extra costs” (developping, films,…) And you can’t erase pictures that don’t look good with a classic camera.

On a holiday, I always use digital camera’s because it’s easier to carry around.
But if the pictures have to look really good (e.g. wedding pictures, nature,…), I would still use a classic one.

a lot of info there

and most appreciated:D

honestly, there is no need to buy a camera with a greater number of pixels than your printer can handle. make sure of its capabilities before you drop all your cash on your camera.