I want to Buy a CDRW need Advice

I’m looking for a fastest and the best recorder which can defeat all the latest copy protections

Which CDRW should i buy ?

I heard liteon drives are good should i got for it if so what model should i buy i need a fast recorder.

Helps would be appreciated

try a lite-on ive had three and found them cheap,reliable and all singing and dancing.

The best way to find what you are looking is to read the reviews of the latest drives.

Lite on 52x is very fast and can create backups of almost every copy protection, but nothing tells you it will bypass the new ones in the near future ,as with every drive.

Where do you live? Depending on that, there may be 2 or 3 good drives you may be able to buy. Lite-On,Samsung and LG are all good.

Lite-On LTR-52246S Retail, $56 shipped @ Newegg.com.