I want to Burn RiDATA (RITEKG05 8X) at 1x with LiteOn 1673S JS0C

I have Ridata RITEKG05 at 8X, but i want to burn this Media in my Liteon 1673S w/Firmware JS0C at 1X, yes 1X (for my ps2 slim).

This firmware just let me write te ritekg05 at 4x, 6x, and 8x. I want to use Omnipatcher to check the 1x box and burn at this speed. But, i would like any advise from anyone first.

I dont want to change write strategies, it is ok just ticking the 1x box since i wanna burn at lower speed only?

I have just burned 1 dvd fujifilm with this recorder.

It is also a plus if i disable media burn? or i should leave it enabled? I just want to write at 1x, thats all…



Burning 8x rated discs at 1x will give you significantly worse results than burning at 4x, 6x, or 8x!!!


that’s too bad… i need to burn at 1x or 2x maybe, because the ps2 does not work with 4x burned dvds… some might work, most of them not… any suggestion? because in the media list for the 1673s i dont see any media that could be burned at 1X

should i buy lower rated media? but i dont see media that could be burned at 1x… should i buy another dvd writer :frowning:

is that bad to burn at 1x? why is that?

Not really bad, but obsolete, especially with media rated & optimized (!) for really higher speeds.

Ok, i know and understand that… but the thing is that the burns need to be done at such lower speed… what can i do then? is burns going to be bad quality? i’m gonna make some test when py ps2 arrives and i will post…

but meanwhile, its enough just ticking the 1x box to burn at this speed? or i need to do something else?

My goodness … how long does it take to burn a full 4,488 MB -R @ 1x? !!!

like an hour or so…

i would prefer to burn at 4x but the ps2 does not read dvd-r burned at such speed… i’m going to try a 4x burn when my new ps2 arrives to test… i just want to know what can i do to burn at 1x… even if is not good

I have burned x8 media at x8 on my Sony 710-UL burner - the PS2 has no problem reading them. That is both games and movies. I have used -R and +R, maybe I just have a good PS2… (It is a Slimeline one)

What are you wanting to burn?

Could the problem here be bitsetting? The G05 does not allow it (-R) and AFAIK the PS2 only reads DVD-ROM, just my .02usd.

Nope - I have used -R and +R media that has not been bit set to DVD-ROM

i just want to burn backups of my dvd games on dvd-r. i’m getting a new ps2slim. i have heard that it could probably read 4x burned games but the laser will deteriorate sooner or i could get game skipping… i doesnt really know why is that, its supposed that 4x is a better writing method than 1x? why the laser will break sooner then?

another question…

i recorded a data dvd-r ( prodiscf01 - fujifilm) and in the disc quality test i got 93%…good result for data (not ps2)… and in a test performed on a ritekg03 burned with a pioneer a04 a long time ago i got just 40% and with other games (princo) i get 70%… the strange thing is that my old ps2 readed excellent the ritekg03 burn, but not the others… so if i burn at 4x and i get better results in the test, does it means that the ps2 should read better? because with the old ps2 it was the reverse thing…anyway…kinda of strange

K, perhaps it depends on the mod, but I just read this here under “BookType Utility”. shrugs


I heard it depends on the version of the PS2. Old models only read -R and perhaps +R with Booktype Rom.

But newer revisions don´t have problem with +R and Booktype +R


Maybe the G03 have a better reflection than your other media?

Maybe the G03 have a better reflection than your other media?

yep maybe… i just wanted to let you know that sometimes when a benchmark shows the disc has many errors it could also be perfectly readed on for example a ps2. i think the main problem is not to have a 100% standard for dvd players optical lectors… the ps2 has differente kind of OL even if they are from the same batch mine could read some media, and yours cannot read this same media at all…


Maybe ypu should buy lots of different media and try them?

BTW, maybe the PS2 don´t like media burned in a Liteon?

I doesn’t really know… i haven’t tested yet. Im just following recommendations of not to burn at faster speed than 1x or 2x… because it will damage the laser… but i’m not sure… when the ps2 arrives i will test…

i just wanted to know if moding the firmware will allow me to burn at 1x without problems… so i still dont know… no one has answer except for the first post…


If you are receiving a brand new SlimLine PS2 then there should be absolutely no problem with the speed you burn your media at and most media discs that you might use. Although there are certain recommendations that I would suggest, first off I would recommend you to use Taiyo Yuden DVD±R Media, MID (TYG02) -R and (YUDEN000-T02) +R. Both are 8x media that will burn quite well on your DVD writer at that speed, without nothing to worry about. I can tell you from my experience with backing up PS2 games that the only time you would need to worry about the discs you use and the speed was with the very first model PS2’s. I’m not saying to use any type of DVD blank media because they are not always guaranteed to be A++ grade, but most tend to work fine on newer model PS2’s. Other media that I highly recommend is TDK (TTG02), and the new 16x TDK’s (TTH02) which work flawless on my V7 PS2 burned at 8x on my DW1640 =). The whole 1x writing to get better results is an old myth so don’t worry yourself too much on that cause newer DVD writers can burn just fine. The only way to trully damage your PS2 laser is if you use crap media such as PRINCO, Fake TY media, some RITEK media not all and other lower grade discs that can put strain on your systems laser. I hope I was of some help, and happy burnings mate :bigsmile:


How do you want to know that if you haven’t tried it yet?
There are many PS2 versions on the market with different ODD (optical disc drives).