I want to burn playstation games but dont have a clue

hey guys and gurls how u doin i want to burn playstation games but dont have a clue how could u please help me out i have nothing and dont know where to start any help would be great thanx

Just to inform you that it is nearly impossible to do that right now from all the forums and dicussion that I read here. Only you can make a backup but then you will need to buy a MOD chip and solder into your PS to be able to play the backup games.

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this question has been answered a few times so the search function will help you a lot ;).

Read posts in the console forum - there’s loads of info there.
Usually you need a chipped Play Station.

just to confirm guys you do need to mod chip your psx which automatically invalidates your warranty ---------------SILVERSURFER------------

i already have my playstation chipped i want to know how to burn the games cose i have tried nero and it dont work i was wondering if i needed a program to do this

I think you should read the forum rules carefully, again.

You exactly use the program you have used to create to burn the backups.
If that is not the case, this thread should be closed, IMO.

Nero should work ok or you could try using Alcohol :slight_smile: Also you can find some good info Here :slight_smile: