I want to burn one DVD, then do another by just changing discs

I just installed a large hard drive in my custom built “duplicator” :iagree:

And I was thinking if I had a load of ISO disc images stored in a folder/partition would there be any way of having a ‘queue’ of DVDs to be burnt so I could burn one title and then the computer would just prompt me to insert discs for the next title?

i.e. If I had Kill Bill Volume 1 image and then a Kill Bill Volume 2 image

I would set up the queue to look in the folder/partition and then insert my first set of discs (I have 3 DVD burners set up, so I would possibly want the option to select how many discs to burn at once). Once that image had been written to DVD the disc(s) would be ejected and then I would be prompted to insert more discs. When these discs have been inserted the Kill Bill Volume 2 image would be written automatically.

Anything like that exist? :slight_smile:

Anyone? :slight_smile: