I want to burn mulitple files on the same dvd

Re: How to burn multiple files into one dvd?
Thank you but its not the same issue. My files have already been converted and saved. I want to burn mulitple files on the same dvd. I am having trouble finding the correct menu options in Convertxdvd. I did search but was unable to find the same topic.

What kind of file are you talking about? If you have NERO and text files it will do it. There is also ROXIO software which will do the same.

If the files are .avis, .mpgs, etc. just go ahead and add them to the dvd. Try to make sure the total video length is less than 2 1/2 hours otherwise the dvd may be too big. A menu will be created automatically if you have the latest version but you will have to press your menu button to access it.

Please do not doblicate the same thread over and over again, you already have the this subject on the this thread:


Roxio does it for me.

ok i think that maybe my dilema is not being understood so i will try again. heres the situation. i converted several files lets say avi using convertxdvd. i didnt burn them at that time. i just converted them. now i want to burn them all onto the same dvd. the files are short like 20 or 30 minutes or less. when i try to burn them i click on ACTIONS then burn existing dvd. but it only allows me to add one file. how can i add more than one. i want to burn several episodes on one dvd. the question could also be asked as how can i burn the same dvd twice? i use convertxdvd. i prefer not to add a bunch of programs that i know nothing about. thanks and fyi i was not trying to add a duplicate (not doblicate) thread. i was simpling trying to clarify that your answer was not related to my question. therefore i needed to ask again. thank you