I want to burn at least 1 dvd so i can learn

I just bought a new Sony Puter with Sonic recordnow I want to burn at least 1 dvd so i can learn BUT boy oh boy i need help.
I have downloaded dvd shrink & dvd decrypter and am still lost! what is ISO & IFO??? can someone give me baby steps on how to? PLEASE :sad:

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IFO and ISO are two different ways to write files on hard disc. DVD decrypter is able to write both type, and dvd shrink is able to read both. Anyway I suggest you to use FILE mode with dvd decrypter to rip on HD, and then import files in dvd shrink.

Guide to DVD S hrink

DVD Shrink with DVD Decrypter Guide

I am a relative old newbie and I still can’t figure out why to use DVD decrypter. DVD shrink will get the whole job done and is all that is needed, especially for a new newbie.
If using DVD shrink, I think it is pretty explanatory, just open the disk, then copy to disk. It compresses automatically.


  1. shrinking from HD is faster than shrinking from dvd directly

  2. dvd shrink is not able to decrypt many movies, so you MUST use dvd decrypter or another ripping software or another tool like anydvd to bypass newer protections

The esasiest way to make your first backup:

  1. Check your hardware’s burning abilities (DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, speed, etc.) with a software called InfoTool: www.cdspeeds2000.com
  2. Buy decent media according to the above result: TY, Fuji, Verbatim, etc.
  3. Download trial versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2: www.slysoft.com
  4. Install both software. Reboot.
  5. Start AnyDVD which is meant for dealing with the copy-protection, etc. of DVDs. Put in the DVD that you want to back up. Watch the fox in the taskbar, it has to grey out.
  6. Start CloneDVD2. Choose an option (easiest is DVD Copy).

Guide: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=72022

And that is all. Other options are an alternative, but not easier.


Please take a look that the Guides for DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink, that are linked to this page of mine:



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the link does not seem to work. I want to copy files onto my DVD but get an error message. It also reads the empty drive as having no space? It burns a copy of a file to a cd fine just not DVD am I missing something?

there was a “s” too much in the link :bigsmile:

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Do you want to burn through the windows explorer? This only works (as far as i know) for cd’s. Use Nero, CopyToCD/DVD or something else for burning files on a DVD. If you want to backup a Video DVD use Clone DVD + Any DVD (which is mentioned above by the user alex_thyl).

Hi there
I would like to drag and drop files and then burn to DVD. This is working for CD’s and not DVD’s what am I doing wrong or are my disks faulty, I am sure I did it that way before.

To do this you need a packet writing software like Nero InCD or Sonic DLA, but these softwares very often give only problems. I suggest you to do regular burnings on your DVD.