I want to burn a contiunes mix CD without any sound clipping between each track

Hello there,

I need a little help and I hope to god someone out there can help me.

I want to burn a contiunes mix CD without any sound clipping between each track. I have used both Nero & Realplayer and selected “No pause between each track”. That is all well and good and when I burn the CD and play it back, there is always a slight clipping sound between each track.

Has anybody came across this issue, is there better software out there to burn audio CD’s that I should be using???

Thank you for your help!!!

Search the forums, this topic has been discussed a few times.

oh thanks. Just the help I was looking for

I spent the last hour searching through the forums, couldnt find any helpful topic.

Can anybody else help, just tell me what I am doing wrong and I will try and fix the problem. It is not the end of the world but it is very annoying :slight_smile:


What I get so far is to drag & drop all your source audio files into nero.
Select all but the first track ->Right click & select properties. Change the gap to 0.
More here.


Thank you all for your help. I will give it a go.

Here’s another link for you.

rip your music to .ogg files or even sony atrac3/+ and they will be gapless. mp3 as you know isn’t a gapless format, though you can do these different steps to help remove the gap. i’ve used atrac3 a lot for use with minidisc. you may not want to go that route, but all you would need to do is download sony sonicstage, rip your cd with it, and then you can also use it to burn an audio cd which would be gapless. but you probably just want to stick with mp3, but unfortunately not good for gapless

You can also try Feurio, which is an old CDR software that was geared towards audio.

God knows where you can find a copy of it now though, I haven’t seen or heard much about it for awhile.

Erm. Same place as always. Right here. :slight_smile:

thank ye all for your help. I tried using the dBpoweramp and it help, altough not perfect, it was much much better.