I want to backup my DVD`s

Can i backup my DVDs to VCDs / SVCD`s useing clone cd ?

Need a little help here its new ground for me :rolleyes:

Anything would be of help :smiley:

barny :bow: to clone cd :slight_smile:


There is a great program called BackupDVD. CloneCD does not do DVDโ€™s, not as of yet anyway.

e-mail me xtacydima@netzero.com and I can give you a link to backupDVD.

You can also use a program called DVD2SVCD.

Maybe try the burning software forum, you could probably get help there.

Thanks all for the help

I :bow: to you all

barny :smiley:

Since I am now getting much e-mail about this, I decided to upload thsi small program and post a link. Since the discussions here are really about cloning cdโ€™s and making 1:1 copies, I do not want to keep talking about DVD backing up.

So here is the link:

An all in one program, DVDx2.0 :cool:


@ barny7
Sorry for the terseness of my original reply. If you are happy enough with vcd format for your backups, thereโ€™s an incredibly simply free program called Eazy VCD that might be just what youโ€™re looking for.