I want to author Interactive DVD's. Want to find out how

I HAVE did a search before posting. Have enjoyed CD Freaks for a few years tho I have never had enough knowledge to post.

I want to AUTHOR interactive dvd’s. I need to do them for personal use, so a program like DVD-Extra by Zoo Tech at thousands of dollars is out of the question.

I do not necessarily need a software solution. I am seeking specific help on the linking guidelines for creating interactive dvd-based games, for lack of a better term.

For example, how could I create a test dvd that tracks scores? “Scene-it” type DVD? The “Planet Earth” game?

I also have a “flow chart” started for a “Murder-Mystery” type game. Most of the game is a regular “murder mystery” dinner. After a while, the guests will figure out that they must access the laptop in the room, and some of the videos I have created will give them more clues. Best possible senario is that the links on the DVD are “dynamic” in the way that their choices affect what the next screen displays. Of course, “dynamic” is appearance, since its just about linking DVD elements in a pseudo random manner.

If the above stops at that point, that DVD could play on any stand alone player.

Some of the game elements require either Internet access, if you play on a standalone player OR Web Page elements that can be implemented on the DVD itself and the integrated HTML pages statically played on a browser (FOXFIRE of course, lol).

Can you help me find information on creating this type of linking? Have Nero Vision, of course it won’t do this. I appreciate all ideas.

I homeschool my kids, so I would like to "convert’ some of my PowerPoint shows to an interactive DVD format. I do not mean CONVERT in the native sense. I mean create DVD’s based on the PowerPoint presentations I have created and am creating by transferring the idea from one media to another.

I have Nero 7, probably 9 in a day or two. I can borrow Sony Vegas and Sony DVD Architect. What are your ideas? I do not have to have a fast solution, I am willing to put in time if I knew how to manually create .IFO’s if I need to.
Thanks in Advance