I want to add subs to an avi

I have downloaded a trailer of a movie and subtitles in .srt format. Can I add the subs to the avi so that when I play the avi the subs will appear also?

BSPlayer can add subtitlles when you play the movie (sync the subtitle, if it needs to, with SubTool).
Virtualdub adds permanent subtitles, but it’s more difficult to use (you need to convert the Subrip format subtitles - .SRT - in Substation Alpha - .SSA - format the re-convert the Virtualdub output (which is AVI) into MPG to make a VCD).
Is BSPlayer (wonderful an freeare!) enough?

…or just download VSFilter.dll and register it (regsvr32 /s C:\WinNT\System32\VSFilter.dll or whatever you put it) and subtitles will work in any player as long as the subtitle file has the same file name as the video file.

… or follow the Afterdawn’s guide [ http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/divx_to_vcd.cfm ]. A run of TMPGenc (set it at motion search precision=highest quality) and go!


thnks boys

An “trailer” with .srt subs… never seen such.