I want this program LaserLock or Overburn


  1. DiskGuard

  2. Dummy Files

  3. Overburn

  4. LaserLock

  5. SecyRom

Thanks … ALRoMaNCi[/B]

What do you mean?

I want this program LaserLock …


this thread sucks. :wink:

@Mr. B.: the same reason as every n00b: he wants to protect his own copies so that others cannot copy / sell it :wink:

“Dummy files” and “overburn” aren’t programs.
Where did you get those names?
Also: the less those things are used the better.

Laserlock and Securom are commercial copy protections. I suggest that you contact their distributors and pay the appropriate licence fees. You might also consider a contract with starforce; probably more expensive than the others but much harder to break. :wink:

Starforce is also a very good way to get people to avoid your software like the plague.