I want one of these!

Gotta follow the link, but it’s an hp modded to do 6 at once.

Would love plans on how they did this.

WoW that is interesting!, i used to to light scribe with my external DvD drive.

Too bad it’s an HP. :rolleyes:

Looks like one of the pro-grade wide format high speed units. I think the biggest issue would be software/driver support. The hardware part would relatively simple.

Seems to me the software would be trivial. Any good art program would allow an 11 x 17 print.

I think it’s an HP K8600. The board they are using is either cardboard or some sort of plastic.

By the time you load that tray, run it then unload it and load it again, I have to wonder if one of the automated single-disc printers might be faster.

I followed the link. Seems to be a company in Brazil.
I sent them an inquiry, asking for specs in English and price in US$.
No reply yet.
I checked some on-line reviews on HP K8600. Sound like a piece of junk from reading the reviews.
Will post if I hear from the company.