I want one Lite-On DVD writer, which one to choose?

As Lite-On drives as we know them may disappear altogether (because of the Sony chipsets and all that), I’d like to have one of them before it’s not possible anymore because of the features they have I cannot get anywhere else. However, I really don’t know which one to choose. Here is what I am looking for: I think all Lite-On drives are by definition extremely loud, but are there any which would be not as loud as they are since the introduction of the brand? Of course I’d like something that can be easily found for a relatively low price, I will buy from an online store in Canada. Currently I think I will get the 1633. There is also one other thing I would like to know: the led what color it gets and how does it works now? I read in Cdfreaks’ review that the 1653 had one blinking LED, which I absolutely HATE in every writer I bought. Does the 1633 behaves differently or the same way?

God, I remember when I wanted to buy every cd-writer known to earth because it was cheap and I enjoyed but, of course no one understood why I would ever need more than one. I think the LG is quite tempting too… so CDFreaks, please do not let this be another Pandora’s box. :wink:

1633/53s will only show green light. (writing/reding/erasing…)
there is a LED-fixed firmware that shows red light during burn, thanx to C0deKing!

the newer drives 1673/93S have only a green led, so it’s impossible to enable red light.
i think you should get a 1673s as it will be upgradable to 1693s (which will add 4x dvd-r DL support). the led will be green… but with C0deKings patchtool you will be able to select how the led should behave in different conditions and the blinkspeed rate. C0deKing will release this tool when he’s back from vacation.

And it’s impossible to set booktype with this drive? I never burned on anything else than DVD-Rs mind you, but I guess it would be fun for me to try this. About the LED, it would be perfect if it were a stable light green, but is it blinking when writing? This is what I care about in the end. Yes that might be a good idea to wait for this model I guess.

And about the noise, are all Lite-On drives still as noisy as ever?

you can set booktype with all liteon drives. with the upcoming patch tool you will be able to select how the led behaves while writing/reading (solid or blinking + flash rate, e.g. 200ms). the 1673S is already available in stores since january. it will also be upgradable to 1693S when someone dumps the firmware from it. and i think there are much noisier drives than lite-ons.

What drives would you rate as being much noiser? And also quieter than the Lite-On? Thanks for your info, I think I will wait for a price drop for the 1673 and then I will buy one. :slight_smile:

Toshiba and LG drives are noisier than lite-ons, some NEC drives produce very much noise when writing @16x, too. Pioneer, Plextor and BenQ drives are quieter.

Try 1213s if

  1. you want to save extra $$,
  2. you don’t care to void your warranty
    as you can flash it to 1633s/1653s. I am one guy using 1213s@1653s

1633s is surely a good choice as 1213s is VERY crappy!

1673s is not useful unless you think you want to try DL DVD.

Well what I had in mind the most was the noise when reading DVDs and CDs. Are you sure it applies to Toshiba? My old Toshiba 2x DVD writer was really silent when reading CDs and DVDs. I guess you are talking about the writing noise, or maybe it has become more bad since the Toshiba and Samsung alliance. I was also thinking of the BenQ, but I did not buy one as of yet because I don’t like black drives, and the much vaunted DW1620 has got a black tray. I don’t think one of their next models will feature a white tray, I guess I will wait much more before buying one. As for the Lite-On I will check out what’s on sale periodically. :slight_smile:

if you dont care about higher dvd±rw /16-r and 4x-rDL speed, go for a 1213s and flash it to 16x3S.

NEC is also a good choice. the ND-3520a costs only 65€ here in germany and it is availabe in different colours. are you sure there are no beige BenQ drives?

I meant beige trays as opposed to beige bezels and the like. Every DW1620 no matter if it’s dark or beige as got a dark tray to “minimize jitter” and I absolutely don’t want a black tray. As for the NEC, well I did not bought it yet because of the bad DVD writing quality. And of course there are coming attractions with interesting features, so would not it be better to wait for a better NEC drive to come along?

NEC writing quality is very good. i would say it’s one of the best with benq and pioneer.
what’s wrong with a black tray?

definitely get a 1673S…much better drive than the recent ones…and you will be able to upgrade it to a 1693S when the firmware comes out shortly. I now have JS05 in mine (have been burning with JS02 and it kicks ass).

Quite simply, I have heavy presbitism problems (due to a brain tumor I am currently fighting), and a tray like this could potentially give me such problems, so I prefer not to use them for the moment. Maybe if I get a chance to take a peek, but I don’t know.

hope you become healthy very soon.

I hope the same thing. I should be cured in a relatively short moment. Meanwhile, I cannot bear any video, nor any audio coming from speakers, I am pretty much stuck in my house with nothing to do. God blesses LCD monitors tough. And I was always fascinated with optical recording technologies, and that is a hobby that pretty much remains intact, so that helps keeping me entertained in the meanwhile. I have to cope with extreme eyes and ear pain all day. That is also why I was wondering about sound levels of dvd writers, but often it’s not what people think or even what I will think that will bother me, it’s all trial and error.

And come to think of it I really neer burned on a DVD+R at all, and Lite-On writers just work better on this media. So what’s cheap and relatively good, should I order some Riteks? And what DVD-R media types would be safe with say, the 1673S?