I Want Low Speed: SH - S182M




I’m new in the forom and I have one question: Can I write Cd’s with low speed, like 4x??

I don’t know it’s something of software (I use Nero 7) or something related with the Cd/DVD itself (I use TSSTCorp CD/DVD SH - S182M)… I’m afraid it’s the second one, but I want to know if it’s so (in my specifications I have only information about the max speed not the min speed).



Yes, with some newer media you can’t write slow in any reliable way. It’s nothing to worry about though, just write at some speed that works well.

Also, it’s a myth that slower burn speed always create better result.



The problem is that my domestic CDPlayer usually has problems with all kind of CD-R especially if they are burn higher than x4. But, anyway, I have tried at x8 and it seems it’s ok.