I want a software

hei guys how are ya doing
i want a software that automatically saves the passwords entered in my computer in specefic folder assigned by a user with the id so can you tell me any software like this i need it and it saves like the hotmail yahoo and other messengers passwords i will be thankfull give me a link to it thank you tc guys


you may have a look at http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/ to start with.


nlo this is not the one i want dude i mean like if someone uses my computer and he log ons to msn i want his id and password to be saved or atleast his password where can i find this software and ya without he knows every thing is done plz tell me nything how can i find it thankyou

This is a rather unethical request. Allowing someone to use your computer, then stealing their passwords to online sites? And doing so without informing them?

Not an appropriate subject on these forums. Thread closed.