I want a second burner that is equal to the SOHW-1633 quality

I have a trusty LITEON SOHW-1633 (that I modded to become 1653 :D) and I have used it extensively, as a side business, and burnt well over 800 DVDs with it and it’s still going, excellent burner… However, I know that one day it will die on me - so I want to be ready and get a backup in case - I know that the 1633s are discontinued in local stores here, and I have read rumors that the new liteon drives are crap - So now I am stuck, what can I replace my 1633 with that provides just as good burn quality (I burn only taiyo yuden DVDs and CD-Rs) Thanks.

You’ve heard exactly the opposite, the old liteon drives were crap compared to the new drives. I would recommend that you get either the liteon LH-18A1P or the LH-20A1P model, which are excellent burners in my opinion.