I want a new drive :(

My 811S is driving me crazy :a
I cannot find a good support to write on.
I have very original Ritek G04 and I obtain even 350 PI in Kprobe using latest firmware.
I have to continuosly look for a good support etc, etc, etc.
I do want to change my writer, hoping to find a new one that could write without any problem… or find a FW versione that can burn Ritek G04 with no probs at all :bow:
Do you have any suggenstions? Pioneer? Waitec? Sony? Nec?

Any help appreciated.


NEC 3500 or Pioneer 108 in that order. Anything better in burn quality would be theoretical.

The Nec 3500 and Pioneer 108 are both good drives. I own a Nec 3500, and have owned a Pioneer 108. Just a week ago I picked up a Benq 1620. The Benq appears to be slightly better at “+R” than the Nec (higher burn speeds on some media, and higher burn quality at least some of the time on some media). In addition, it appears that the Benq is going to be supported for PI/PIF testing with the next firmware release (due next week) under both Nero CDSpeed and DVDInfoPro.

Hmmm… I’ll look for the NEC 3500… thx for the hints.


Also Luca, if you want good burns with your LiteOn try using dvd+r media instead of dvd-r media. I get fantastic results with my LiteOn 832s using dvd+r media.

I have only used one dvd-r disc and I did get good results with it, but not as good as I get on dvd+r media.