I want a New Desktop PC , i need help on what to get

i will leave audition alone for a while .

just want to try and put my office 2007 onto the new win10 pc, mainly for the use of outlook, if it doesnt work then ill go ahead and use Mail, as u suggested above, but would still like to see if 2007 will install and work.

if i try this , will i need to disconnect internet from win7 pc while installing it on win10 pc , ? how can i go about this ? if you know .

Office 2007 should work without any issues on Win 10.
Not sure about it being on Win7 at the same time though.

Hi Dee ,
office 2007 , outlook, word, excell, all worked perfect. thnx.

just a quick question about Staxrip encoding program if you can help,

i just did a test encode, and notice in task manager
CPU was 100% ( this is what it used to be on my win7 PC as well, so in the win7 PC in task manager , I went to set affinity level and unchecked CPU 7 which was the last processor on the list of 8, which would bring the CPU down t about 80%. but on the new pc i dont want to touch this option if i dont need to. what do u think ?
These are the 2 processors using the most on my win10 PC using Staxrip,
not too concerned about the usage of both of the below, just like to know if the CPU should be at 100% ?
memory was vspipe.exe 2,469,000k ( vapoursynth.exe )
x264.exe is about 585,000k

i know u mentioned to try and use GPU, but i dont know how in this program, so at the moment just using as is as i always have. but is the cpu supposed to be at 100% . see attached screenshots of the program as i was using it at the time of the encode. i only encoded for about 10 minutes to get a screenshot to show you all the specs in task manager.

Least of your issues is CPU usage. :grinning:
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It isn’t a bad thing to use 100% CPU, but its very wasteful of the PC resources. If you have Staxrip using 100% of the CPU then doing anything else while encoding is going to be sluggish.
Not to mention you have an expensive graphics card doing nothing.

To enable the GPU hardware encoding do the following. Keep in mind I’m not familiar with Staxrip.

Right click and select your video input file.
Now click on the encoder selector as shown in the screenshot below.
From the drop down menu select NVidia H.264.
This will use the graphics card for the encoding. It will still use some of the CPU to fetch data to and from the graphics card, perhaps as much as 30% to 40%. But, most of the encoding task will be offloaded to the GPU. This will free up the CPU for other tasks, and also speed up the encoding process significantly.

Screenshot 2020-11-24 100914

ok found that option, but the settings are a little different than what i am familiar with, just a few things if you can guide me what to select. see screenshots, and if there are any other setttings you see, that i have not set, can u let me know thnx.

When I tried it earlier. Apart from selecting NVidia H.264, everything was left on default.
As I said. I’m not familiar with Traxrip.

ok thanks anyway. would i be able to create a new thread about staxrip and see if anyone can help.

Yes of course. Feel free to create another thread.
The result I got from the default settings plus Nvidia H.264 was pretty impressive to me. Both in terms of speed and quality of output.

i did an encode on my win7 pc of 1 movie took 8hours, same movie on win10 using CPU yesterday 3hours, so once i work out GPU settings , hopefully even better. but so far win10 pc and its components are very fast.

With GPU encoding. I would expect that would come down to under an hour.
The short 1080P clip I done using Traxrip was encoding at around 820 frames per second.

yes that would be impressive, even just loading the file in staxrip win7 = 4minute, win10 = 20 seconds. lol crazy. ill create that other thread later, very busy doing file transfer from old to back 4tb HDD. then all will be done.

also doing some looking at connectors for that sound issue i was having, finding a few leads like this below,


but dont know if they’ll work for left , centre , and right speaker sound., may have to buy & see. if i plug male into pc green jack, and the 3 - pink, green and black from the speaker into those 3 female jacks it may work, but ill need to do a bit more reading up on it.