I Want A New 3d Card. I Only Have $80US/$124CAN To Spend Though =\

any suggestions? i just really hate my ati rage fury pro/xpert 2000 pro card

rheres my pc specs if it makes any diff.
-Pentium 3 800mhz
-Windows XP Professional

I thought I’d neer say this but:

There are some GF4MX around for $80 give or take.

But if you can get a GF3 then don’t hesitate…GF4Ti are out of the question for that budget.

do u have a credit card??? if so go buy one from http://www.pricewatch.com they have tha best prices out there :slight_smile:

dont buy from a regular store like best buy because odds are u will pay alot more for a 3d card that u can get alot cheaper on pricewatch.com

go to tha site and click on video cards section …

i would try to get a gf3 ti200 for that price but i think they are a little bit to high for your budget (95+shipping)

u can get a solid card like a gf2 gts 32mb or 64mb card for around 50-60 dollars on that website :slight_smile: i used to own a geforce 2 gts 32mb card and it was overall good plus it’s drivers are good :slight_smile:
I WOULD recommend getting a 64mb card though :slight_smile:

also avoid a gf2 (geforce2) mx200 or mx400 type card, if you can they (gf2mx) are slower than a gts card :slight_smile:

also i would not buy any graphics card faster than a gf3 or a gf3 ti200 card since your processor is only 800 mhz, which cant really take full advantage of tha newest 3d cards :slight_smile:

in tha end i would recommend u buy a GEFORCE 2 GTS 64mb card
probably tha best price/performance ratio for your pc and at about 50-60 dollars plus shipping is good.

this is basically tha same geforce 2 gts card i had but this is tha better 64mb version :slight_smile:

also here is another good one but it wont be worth a damn on games like doom 3 or tha newest unreal games since all gf4 mx cards only have hardware support for directx 7, but for current games a gf4mx card is actually good :slight_smile:
this one might be a little over 80 bucks after shipping :slight_smile:

newest drivers for these 3d cards are at this website http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=windows2000
I HIGHLY recommend using these drivers and NOT tha ones that come with these 3d card :slight_smile: CLICK ON THE DETONATOR XP drivers.

good luck, if u need help send me a personal message.

ok thanks alot NBR. i think im gonna wait till september 4th (my bday). if i wait till then i will have over $440CAN. i might even convince my bro to go buy a new processor, maybe a amd or p4. probably the amd since they are cheaper, but they run really hot i heard… any recommendations :slight_smile:

AMD chips run really hot.
If you live in Canada, there’s no problem provided you get some decent cooling.

Now, where I live (Puerto Rico) temps are usually over 80deg F and you see those CPUs burning when not properly assembled.

…you cant just buy a new processor, unless its a p3 as well, i believe. and good luck with that.

Yes, AMD chips run really hot :frowning:
But they’re faster, US$ by US$…
You’d have to change your mainboard too, since you’re on a budget you’d probably be looking at the ECS K7S5A or 6A or maybe even the MSI 745 Ultra (SiS 745) and Asus A7S333 (SDR/DDR mainboards, which is probably best since you have SDR memory already.) and a low-speed AXP, probably a 1600+.
It’d have to be properly cooled, by perhaps a Coolermaster HHH-0001 (or is it 0000?), they’re very good and cheap coolers, but much noisier than their more expensive competitors (TT Volcano 7+ comes to mind…).

As BetrayerX said, you should take care with cooling assembly, they can burn-up in seconds without proper cooling, even in cold environments.

As for the video board, you could get a GF3Ti200, if lucky a GF4Ti4200, or, if not gonna buy the processor/mainboard, run for the GF4Ti4400 or 4600.

ok i have a question, whats with all these different companies making geforce 3’s? like vision tek, generic, eVGA, and so on… me and my bro are going to go buy a video card soon, i was thinking of a geforce 3 (ti500?) and i just want to know what one should i get…we are probably going to spend around $300CAN ($200US) on one. and then im going to go buy a new motherboard + processor (gonna bring it into a shop to get good cooling and such)

Nvidia makes the GeForce GPU chips then sells the chips to other companies to make the cards. All use the same chips but the other card parts can be different among manufacturers and the default core and memory clock speeds can be different.

Talking about Geforce4 Ti4400 video card, you can buy MSI GF4 Ti4400 on newegg.com now just for $229 (USA)+sheeping.
I got very good experience with this site overall.
MIXPC.com very good site, specially for videocards too.
You can find and compare them on pricewatch.com.

MSI GF4 Ti4400 cames with 3 games, retail box. I even overclocked it up to 650/320MHZ easilly, just for experience. 3DMark2001SE score is 10156, wich is the same like for geforce4 Ti4600.

This might be a bit back into the thread but heres some advice on upgrading your comp, take it from an A+ certified tech:

Jump on over to TigerDirect.com or Newegg.com they have good deals, Tiger is offering a P4 1.6 GHZ and Tyan MB combo for 199$(US), uses DDR ram so you’ll get every last drop of power out of that P4. If you insist on getting an AMD then they have a good selection at both websites.

If you don’t want to buy through tiger or newegg then do some reasearch before you buy, motherboards aren’t my area of expertise, but if you’re going to skimp on either the Processor or the motherboard, i’d just as soon go down a 100 mhz on the processor rather than get a cheap motherboard. aim for DDR or Rambus memory cause you’ll get jack out of SDRAM (believe me).

The GF4 is a GOOD video card but for now its a bit too expensive for most people’s tastes. If i were you i’d shoot for a GF4MX or GF3.

P.S. For your 3D card and processor make sure you have a good fan, if you’re going to overclock the vid card then you might want to start case modding and get a good fan next to the card.

Hopefully i havent just been spewing out facts that dont matter.

You cant just put a P4 into a P3 socket or an AMD for that matter, P4s use socket 478 while P3s and Celerons (shudder) use socket 370. If you want to get an Athlon XP they use socket A.

Just what we needed… a humble guy.

ok thanks everyone. i made another post of the card im going to get, ASUS Geforce 4 Ti4400, im going to go buy a new processor in september, my p3 800mhz is gonna have to hold out until then