I want a BenQ but my case is Beige



any help so i can get that benQ quality


Sorry, but I don’t understand: what is your problem exactly?


Spray your case black. :slight_smile:

Personally I am not bothered if they don’t match as long as they do the job. Plus you can buy facias you can apply to the front bezel of a drive to change the colour.


I got lucky enough a few months back, and found someone in here to switch faceplates with. My computer is also beige/white, but i had a black faceplate. Someone else had the opposite problem, so we swapped through the mail. Worked out great. I think some of the rebranded benq drives have white faceplates. So I guess you could skip all that work, and try and find a rebranded drive.


What drive’s are rebranded BenQ and are they two sheep or one sheep burners.


i [I]think[/I] benqs are two sheep since the 1640…


Does BenQ still send you another faceplate is you request it?


What are the rebranded BenQ models


The I/O Magic at Staples are on sale this week and are beige DW 1655, look in the bargin basement section of this forum and there is a $10 coupon $34.00 out the door. You will have to open the box to see if it is a BenQ or it might be LightOn.


Thanks how can i tell if it is a BenQ when i open the box.

Will i be able to flash BenQ or Light On firmware.

Also i cant find bargin basement section


For the IOMagic box, just look for the 8x DL logo within the red 16x circular imprint. That will be the 1655. If it doesn’t have the 8x DL logo, then it’s the old 1625. You can request a black faceplate from IOMagic: faceplate@iomagic.com, give them the drive make, model, & firmware version, as well as your mailing information. If they don’t have it, then you’ll get an email indicating that. Otherwise, you should see it within a week or so in a padded envelope. That’s how I got my 1640 (IOMagic box) faceplate.


i just got one from staples and it had the black faceplate on it and had the beige in the box


I bought the I/O magic from Staples. It was a beige 1655 inside.
They had 2 on the shelf. One did NOT say 8XDL and one DID.
I bought the one that did.
Be careful though both say 16X. You need to see 8X DL or it’s something else.

Where do you live? We have people from all over the world here.



I picked up the DL 8x at Staples, it says BenQ 1655 on the drive, beige to WOW thanks

but i cannot find the bargin basement section of this forum, there is a $10 coupon


if anyone still needs a beige faceplate let me know. i just bought the 1655 from staples and there was a black faceplate on it and an extra beige faceplate in the box that i have no use for…


Try here


If you still have it, I need a beige faceplate for a DW1655.


no problem at all. pm me your address and i can put it in the mail in the morning :slight_smile:


Sorry, NVM.