I wall Ethernet-2 devices




I’m new on here but I need a simple question answered. I have an Ethernet connection coming into my house in the living room It has my router/U-verse modem and everything connected in there.

In my bedroom I have 1 Ethernet wall plate that my U-verse modem is connected to for the bedroom TV.
Can I use a splitter or a switch so I can connect my U-verse Modem and a Surveillance system modem simultaneously in the room without a router?

I want to connect both to one wall Ethernet connection and be able to use both at the same time.

Thank you, I hope someone can explain this to me. Have a nice day.


Welcome. :slight_smile:

Most homes don’t have a straight-up Ethernet connection coming into the house, but they do have telephone lines (as well as cable lines). It sounds like this is a phone line…but I could be wrong. :wink:

That is to say, do you have a landline (analog) telephone service through AT&T as well, or is the U-verse service limited to television & Internet service (& digital telephone service)?

Also, is the router/U-verse modem the way you connect to the Internet? And which surveillance system are you thinking of using?


AT & T ran an Ethernet cable from their box on the outside to my bedroom. It has an Uverse TV modem attached. I do have Uverse telephone and TV modem. But they come into the house in another room. The WIFI router is in the other room also. I’m using Qsee cameras and modem for my surveillance system. It is not wifi. I need to connect to my network. I might have to bring the surveillance system into a different room.


Yeah, I think you must connect directly to your U-verse modem/router, in order to actually get it connected to the Internet. The Qsee network device wouldn’t be able to directly access AT&T’s network otherwise.


Stace, there are variations of equipment that UVerse uses so its most difficult to predict what you have and how you can use them. You used the word “switch” which is the correct ethernet ‘splitter’ concept but I’m not sure if you understand how routers handle the Internet Connection (assignment of IP numbers) and how switches are installed inside that network to provide more computers (or other IP-device) connections. Splitter is the correct basic concept but the UVerse Router probably has 4 Ethernet ports and thus it is a 4-port ‘splitter’ at that point. Another switch can be attached to any of those ports for additional devices with mostly a plug-n-play concept.

For the quickest and best solution for anyone’s unique setup, I’d seek a UVerse installer’s advice. Otherwise, a detailed series of notes about your equipment’s various model numbers and links to those tech pages might allow a forum’s users to offer some specific advice.