I`ve had it, It`s over with BenQ 1640

Its back to Nec, Ive just recieved my third drive ( 1640 ), from the 3.td different shop in Denmark, and all 3 drives are now back on a RMA.
All 3 drives was broken, didnt work when i recived them, although the last drive I recived, I was able to make 1 burn, and thats it.
I contacted BenQ service on the internet, please flash to the newest FW, sucks…
Never had a problem with my old 1620 and my 1625, but now my patience i … :a
Worse, I have to wait atleast 2-3 month to get my money back.
I THINK that BENQ has a serius problem, And I never buy that drive again
Sory for my bad english.
IvOl :sad:

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Benq 1640.

Bought a Philips 1648P some weeks ago and is very pleased with the burn results.

I have actually put a NEC 3500A on the shelve.

Because the 1648P burns better.

ivol your engish is OK. It seems BenQ service has let you down,but may be bad luck. I think the 1640 is a very good burner and BenQ does try with new software and firmware. Service sucks for most products here in USA,I think .

Bought a nec 3550 just 30 min. ago since my previsious post at www. Morgen.dk located nearby where I live ( 2 min. drive from where I live), and its burning without any problem allready. Ive had high expectitions on BenQ1640, course my previcius benq drives ( 1620-1625 )burned all media without any problems at all, so when you buy 3 different drives ( 1640 ), that are crap, yeah, do you go for a 4th. drive, I dont, becourse I waited about 3.5 months in all for all 3 drives from 3 differnt shops in Denmark.
Still waits to get my money back.
BenQ 1640 sucks, and when you contact their support, the word is “We are Sorry”, Contact you dealer. :Z
I NEVER BUY A BENQ drive again after their 1640 succes, I`ll stick to Nec :iagree:

And now , 2 minutes after my last reply, I`ve recived an answer from my the last shop where I bought my 3.td 1640, I´ve to wait 1 month, before they can give me a new drive.
Guys… In Denmark it takes 4,5 months to get a 1640 that might possibly work from 3 different dealers.
Worse, no reply from the 2 other dealers

Sorry about your bad luck. Never heard of anybody RMA’d 3 1640 drives in that a short time. :confused:

Must be something seriously wrong with your setup, because odds on three times failures you are talking about, are rather high.

Good luck with your NEC. :wink:

Sorry to hear that.
It is out of imagination to have 3 BenQ 1640 RMAs in a row….

It’s a pity NEC takes over BenQ due to bad service…
…or a bed batch, maybe…
I’m just curious – were the three of them China May 2005?

I wish you to be the luckiest NEC owner :slight_smile:


I had a bad experience with my BenQ 1620 - RMA’ed it back to Newegg for full refund-

Several months later - bought the 1640 and it has turned out to be one of the best burners I have ever had (crossflashed to EW164B) and burns my Taiyo Yuden T02 and Ricoh R01 media great!! In fact seems to get better with more burns-

Needless to say - I am a happy camper with my 1640-eh!


Why should it be out of imagination ? This happened to other manufacturers before (e.g. Plextor) … and BenQ had some problems with some production batches of 1620’s as well - if I recall correctly …


Did you buy properly-packed retail 1640’s or OEM drives ? I’m just curious because I believe that transportation/shipment of OEM drives can be a serious problem since these often aren’t properly protected …

Hi guys !
Nothings wrong with my computersetup, my benQ 1625 just burns as it usually does, and my new Nec 3550 does to, already made 15 burns, and no coasters. :clap:
Ive changed nothing in setup on my PC, just replaced the burner. I didn´t look from where the burner was made, and thats that, regardless my last provider just e-mailed me, that BenQ has sent me a new drive, it wil be returned, 2,5 months with 1640 problems is enough :Z

I have 2 1640’s and i got the retail versions for the very reason jeanluc described. I havent had any problems with them and get 99% burns quite often on tyg02 wehn scanned on my picky 1620.
The benqs for me get lower jitter than any other drive almost a whole percent compared to my 716.

By the way both my drives are malaysian.

The problem with rma’ing drives is that if the replacement is shipped half way across europe by dhl or something like that it takes a lot of abuse as its only a small package and tends to be tossed around like one.
I rma’d my 716 and box it came in looked a bit battered and from the tracking it had changed hands about 7-8 times which to me is too often.

Needless to say the plextor i got should have been good (TLA 0308) but its jitter was like 2% higher than my TLA 0202 so thats sitting in a box now.

The thin end of the wedge of what i am saying is that if you can send the drive back to the retailer asking for a refund or replacement that way you are more likely to get a drive thats not been chucked around by the DHL employies.

Ive bought retail drives, well packed and no damages when I recieved them. Yes, BenQ had problems with 1620 drives aswell, so now its enough, they cant make proberly drives for shipment, we custermers pay the price in confusions, time and patience, and of course MONEY. :a Ive had it !
BenQ, you will never get my recommerdations to anyone here in Denmark !!! :frowning:

Ivol; Before you make final decision to sent back your BenQ 1640 I suggest to you to cool down and relax, meanwhile talk to one of our member in this forum (alan1476) he used to be more frustrated and aggravated about his new BenQ 1640 that he ARMed 3 time, now his is one the hard core BenQ 1640 lovers;


Hasn’t there been a CDF member who let his 1640 fall to the floor … and didn’t that same member reported his drive as ‘healed’ ? :bigsmile:

Good, now drives has nationality. :bigsmile:

Love can change… :stuck_out_tongue:

And this member doesn’t want to replace his 1620 for a 1640, because he has two 1640 already? :confused:

Zevia Wrote: And this member doesn’t want to replace his 1620 for a 1640?

Come on Zevia :I know you don’t mean it you are one the love for ever of 1640.

I will not buy another BenQ drive myself, Ladies and Gents…

the first 1620 I 've bought ( an OEM DVD +16 something drive) would NOT burn +R’s at all. After a long waited RMA story, Yes, I was very happy with my second (so called) BenQ 1620 pro burner, but it really wears down pretty fast I find…

My 99 quality scores on TY002’s and MCC004’s burned at 12X are well gone. Of course, this by it self does not mean a bad drive, but i get even better (scanning wise) results from a (please take it away, i do not need it anymore) Litey 832S drive. Also, the reading capabilities of my 1620 are not the same anymore either. When i kind of copy a DVD, it will (Yes, i can hear this…) speed up, then slow down, then it will be quiet for 10 secs and it will do it all together again…

`What is your rig?’ would be the next question, I take it. well, THERE IS nOtHiNG WRONG WITH MY sYS, I can assure me and you, it run as smooth as a win sys can run…

I am pretty happy with my NEC 3540A (although it is not the Best NEC burner ever made…), I am also waiting for Mr Litey 16H5S to arrive in central Europe. Call me silly, but I am missing a Litey Burner on my Rig. not the best Burners, but with the precious help of some people’s names above my post, Litey’s are great tools and a lot of fun on a PC system.

This is only my 2c of course,

Happy Farewell with your undesirable BenQ Drives.