I updated to AnyDVD 6092, & registration expired?Ripoff

I purchased my aNYDVD SOFTWARE LICENSE IN NOVEMBER 2005. Installed it on only 1 computer, used it flawlessly for over a year, and as soon as I updated to Anyddvd 6092, it says that my trial has expired. I emailed slysoft nd got this reply:our license was found in several filesharing communities. We have
blacklisted it. You can order a valid license on our website: I have never used a file sharing network in my life, and I have been blacklisted. I would like to warn users against purchasing the Anydvd license from Slysoft, as it is not a lifetime license as advertised. I will be doing a chargeback on my credit card. What a ripoff, I pay for a lifetime software license, and all the sudden my registration key expires. WTF. please explain yourselves Slysoft. The authorities will be notified of your fraud.

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Check back to your original receipt and see where you bought it from
if other than SS you have been ripped off

Maybe someone using your PC posted your key
MAybe someone broke into your house and sold your key on ebay
etc etc


Hi mikesknowles. Does anyone else use your computer? Perhaps they have stolen the key. You did buy AnyDVD from slysoft.com? Not ebay etc.

I haven’t had any troubles with my key. I can only think of someone stealing your key. Otherwise how else would it of gotten out in the wild? Could there be any other reasons someone else could have taken it?

Mikesknowles –

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How would your one of a kind personal Registration Key with your Name mysteriously appear on “Several FileSharing Communities”?

Safeguarding your one of a kind personal Registration Key is the user’s responsibility.

Before kicking up a storm it might be prudent to review the SlySoft Terms and Conditions, Software License and EULA ->



it maybe a good idea to bookmark all these recent reponses
My fingers, as must yours, be hurting from all the repeat typing :bigsmile:

It’s nice that nobody was actually accusatory toward mikesknowles. Things are looking up on these threads. I’m sure he is now thinking hard about who had access to his system. Maybe a wireless network breach? Children? A friend or relative who copied or was given a well meaning gift of the AnyDVD key? …who then passed it along to another friend … who then …

Sorry for your problem. SS [I]has[/I] to blacklist escaped, renegade keys. Find out who it was and, since it is Christmas time, gently and in a very kind way, beat the crap out of them until they give you $39.00 to buy a new key! Or, as an alternative to violence, try to find that old key-purchase email from SS and present it with your good faith guess about who released your key out onto the web. Don’t worry about squeeling because it is you who was wronged. And anyway, you, the thief and SS are all out of the reach of each others “authorities”. I’ll bet SS fixes you up. I hope.

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mikesknowles, perhas it’s time to go for an alternative, it’s free, and it’s even better than this payware Anydvd. I’ve been starting to get troubles from v6.0.9.2 onwards, I have contacted Slysoft support (with my licensed key) and I have never got any reply. People will silently go move away from Anydvd, and get something that does equally well, for FREE ! :flower:

The key might have been hacked off of your computer and released on the web. I don’t keep my key on my computer, I keep it on my jump drive. That way if some geek hacks on to my computer, it won’t be there.

unfortunately the key can be easily copied from the registry and transferred to a jumpdrive anyone having acces to that pc

I just ran into the same issue. I just rebuilt my system, installed and key is expired.

I have definitely not shared my key.

Any ideas on how to solve this, other than repurchasing. My AnyDVD and CloneDVD were working fine before I upgraded to yesterday.

Are you running registry mechanic, or zone alarm? If so this needs to be off to allow the registration process to be complete. If not you may want to use you key and send slysoft a email and explain it to them.

Again you have the correct answer DR WHO, these are Slysoft support issues and should be taken up with the company.:wink: