I understand B7T9, but why P9 over S9

Ok here is what i dont get, everyone talks about how great T9 is, and others on how much they trust and rely on P9, but whats the deal with S9? is it that P9 is tried and true, and S9 was just a quick precursor to T9?

I finally converted to retail from benq OEM, but before i did that i couldnt find any discussions on the status of Z9, i mean hey, it is the last letter of the alphabet.

And what is the deal with Retail firmware over oem firmware, is it just more fashionable to have BENQ than DVDrw16x (whatever the oem name was,i alredy forgot) in your system profile.
I am an american so brand name is so important :iagree: I just wanted to know if technicaly there was any difference

And is there any advantage to hacked T9 over Official T9?

thanks a bunch

I live on the east coast of america, and half of america is burried in snow right now, so i might post a bit today :confused:

S9 is specifically for purposes of writing Chinese media with slightly better quality, so this is practically useless in less you live in China where you are limited to purchasing Chinese media. :wink:

As I am aware, the hacked T9 can be forced onto a Generic, rebadged or HP drive to make it become a retail BenQ 1620 pro.
It is also useful to people with Microsoft Windows issues preventing a windows-based flash from working successfully–because a dos-based flasher is available that can be used from a startup diskette. This is not normally done, but can help recover a damaged drive.

Generic firmware is not yet available in the T9 variety, although we are expecting it soon. Cross flashing the drive allows faster access to firmware upgrades. Cross flashing to B*** retail firmware does not void warranties if your drive is G*** generic firmware, but it will void HP and Philips warranties.

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I live on the no coast and didn’t get any snow :wink: Sorry to hear

I wouldn’t spend much time wondering about P9 vs S9 vs T9 cos U9 is just around the corner and I am sure that everyone here will jump to U9 straightaway, thanks to its added functionality (2 new features to toy with) in combination with the upcoming BenQ utilities.


Where can I read more about the upcoming “U” release?

Yes… link please.:bigsmile:

Don’t think it is appropriate to say any more than what I had already posted, just wanted you guys to save your breath/time/effort over the older firmware versions.


:slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: !

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Yeah, why not?

Hi all & especially daniel who writes back,

That is an interesting statement Daniel! As I will (probably) get a BenQ DW1620 bulk (which will have the OEM firmware and should be update to a G*** firmware, regarding to the German BenQ website) and I really dont want to void my warranty, can you back that claim by some kind of document or experience?

I would guess that if I can download a genuine BenQ firmware update from BenQ´s Global Site (you know, www.benq.com, select “Global” or so in the Region selector), where there is no distinction between different drivetypes (DW1620 / 1620PRO firmware updates @ BenQ Global) and it updates my drive, I am still lucky, because without tricks like using a hacked firmware updater, I should not be able to do that and it´s the manufacturers responsibility to prevent me from doing this. But if the updater says “drive not supported” and I do everything possible to update the drive anyway, I obviously violated the manufacturer´s rules.

If I look at the firmware upgrades of the German site, they offer different branches ob firmware for bulk/OEM and Retail drives (for DW1620 bulk/retail and for DW1620 pro, page is in English for those who want to look)! [b]As anyone can see on this page, there is no disclaimer like “Using Retail firmware for bulk version or other way round voids your warranty!” which I would clearly expect if such a thing would happen.

So from common sense (and most probably German laws), if I use an original BenQ update on an original BenQ DVD writer, and it does not complain, and installs the update, they cannot void my warranty? Especially as I might have downloaded the update from the Global site, just selected my drive, downloaded the latest firmware version (they dont even mention 1620/1620A/1620PRO/1620APRO there!) and used it, they could hardly claim they warned me not to?

Daniel, as in the quote above is your opinion, please let me know whether you think / believe / or know updating bulk with retail firmware is legal?

Thanks in advance,
best regards!

Don’t know for sure about warranty, but you cannot update a “G” to “B” without using a CVT file and WinDWFlash. Using the exe firmware file will not work. If the drive was still working you could flash back and would not void warranties. I have heard that you void warranties as soon as you flash your drive at all. Definitely if your flash goes bad when you are in the process (eg. power goes down) you have voided your warranty.

To be honest though I have not heard of anyone being refused warranty. So who knows.

Actually if I’m correct you should be able to flash G Firmware directly to B firmware using the B7T9 official patcher. If that’s the case that kind of clues you in that it wouldn’t void the warranty of the drive if BenQ is allowing this.

Yes you can! I upgraded my OEM “G” drive to a retail “B” drive without .cvt files. You can flash a “G” drive directly to a “B” drive with 1600 f/w B5G9. Then on to 1620 f/w B7M9 etc. :wink:

What about the other way round, “B” to “G”? Just curious…
And do you need that special firmware, B7M9?

Hm ok we have much guessing and no official statement about that so far.
Voiding warranty by just updating the firmware would not be legal in most countries I think - its a feature which should not be offered if it would, and legally they would be on thin ice.
Yes, if the flash ruins the drive, I think you will need to go the expensive way by having the drive repaired … which would mean buy a new one as its probably cheaper-

If thats possible and BenQ does not prevent it by making the upgrader check for the version, it is their fault … and I am pretty sure with all that consumer organization muscle behind one we would get a replacement! Better a replaced drive than a ruined reputation, I guess.

I’ve gone back to “G” f/w but used .cvt file with WinDWflash. I have all the f/w’s but never tried to flash back to “G” using windows flashers in reverse order. Actually i don’t remember the exact f/w i have as i haven’t had the drive out in awhile. Think it was G7C9. No way to dump (save) it so i don’t have my original f/w. As far as needing B7M9 not sure. I just used it as it was the way the 1st person that successfully crossflashed OEM to retail used. yangxi was the 1st person. Might work in reverse order. If you ever used older f/w for BenQ 1620 it always tells you the f/w is older do you want to continue and works.

Ok all, rolling, braxas, thanks for your help! From what I learned so far, crossflashing is possible even with the BenQ firmware updaters, they do not care about bulk/“OEM” and retail - as long as the drive is not sold as another brand.

The whole thing started to bug me only because (I repeat myself I know but I like hear me talking … ah read me writing :rolleyes: ) the German BenQ download page clearly says “B7T9 for PRO, B7M9 for Retail, G7M9 for Bulk”. No [BG]7P9 firmware on the download page for BenQ Germany, which also is in English BTW :confused:

I am quite sure now that BenQ would not dare to void my warranty if I just get the most recent firmware updater (a B… = Retail version), run it on my “Bulk” (G…) drive, and have a “Retail” drive after that.

They were on pretty thin ice legally if they did that, especially as one would expect visible warnings about voiding warranty if accidently doing a crossflash - I mean it is something like 4 mouse clicks from the Global download page until the the firmware is updated - and no accompanying README in the ZIP with clear info “ONLY ON DW1620<whatever>”.

Again thanks everybody and as long as you ordered BenQ, whether Bulk or Retail, you will be allowed to do that update. Technically/legally it is not crossflashing, as I understand it.

Last question: Is it possible to use WinDWflash to dump the original firmware in order to save it for some kind of emergency? I understand that the 3rd party flashers can revive flashed-to-dead drives better than the original flashers do - best example it MtkFlash which is even able to flash a Mediatek chipset drive not even seen by bios anymore … amazing!

JFYI I was able to flash from hp 630i to benq 1620 pro via cvt and as of that moment all the stock normal exe retail ben flash releases have worked np…on xp home.

The drive has also been returned to its native state and hp flashed with there stock exe flashers and it performed equally well so it appears to go both directions without any problems or crosspatch patches required…

while on topic I have flashed via cvt once to this drive to give me the label i want philips benq hp memorex ect. and once the first flash is in all the stock flashers work…normally…

The drive with t9 in it is a very very good drive but it will not even touch the hand calabrated 1213 bs41 convertion when it comes to clean burns EVERYTIME…95 OR BETTER on bs41 drive and high 80’s on the benq…but EXCELLENT DRIVE ALL ROUND…