Do I-tunes and other online music services really support the artists? All apple care about is selling Ipods. The RIAA talks about illegal downloads affecting the future creativity of artists. WTF? What about DRM and the effects of that on artists creativity??! Where is all this money from these online services really going? The price of one track is too high for consumers and yet too low to support the artists well. They need to find another system, because they are trying to control something that they simply cannot. This is all about the greed of the RIAA. They have NO proof that illegal downloads actually affect music sales, really, this is pure propaganda. And if the number one downloaded track on I-tunes is “I fought the law and the law won” then it seems people really have been brainwashed:eek:. Albums are overpriced, DVDs are over priced. There is a severe amount of profit being made, however the money seems to be going to the wrong places. beuh sorry for my rant…

No problem , everyone needs to rant from time to time.

Now come up with a legitemate and free solution or we will torture you to tiny little pieces :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

The only way legal services could be introduced was to create a panic in the illegal file sharing world. The RIAA sued first, did a little education and as you say propaganda campaign, then the DRM boys showed up shortly after to save the day. :Z

Yes, the artists are being paid for each track. Even the blank space on the album is being sold now and again if you can believe that! You can read this article by Seán Byrne to see the pathetic breakdown. Guess who gets the lions share?