I tunes format software?

hello. does anyone know if there is any other software, besides i tunes, that converts regular cds and copy protected cds to an i tunes format?? thank you! :slight_smile:

so you can put it on your ipod? well you could try winamp… i have seen a few others, but don’t know how effective they are. Unfortunately winamp doesn’t allow you to pictures to song though.

itunes takes lots of formats. im assuming you mean aac. otherwise, if you want mp3s, there are buckets of software out there that you can find in the audio forum, under guides and tools.

www.download.com has lots of links to them, but most are shareware. it looks like mplayer can do it, if you can find a build for it under windows.

Yes You can find a Window version on there Web site and now they also have a version for [B] Mac OS X [/B]

Ps if you do down load MPlayer, don’t forget to put your hand in your pocket and donate a few dollars so they can keep going and bringing out updates :slight_smile:

cool! thanks!!