I try to make a good DVD, but it ain´t working

I got a smx-f30 memorycard cam two weeks ago, and I like the pictures quality a lot. The videoformat is mp4.
Now I have 1 hour and a half videos and I have been working in pinnacle studio 12 to make them into a dvd with a menu and some intro messages and it looks good.
I have convert the project into a video_ts-folder and I have look at it with VLC-media player on my computer and it looks nice.
BUT, the problem is when I burn it to a DVD+R-disc and check it on my DVD-player the videos looks bad. It look so shaky and fitfully, its hard to describe but its worse in scenes where the camera is zooming or moving around.
Its not the quality of the picture, because when I pause it looks like it should. And when I play it in slowmotion it looks ok. And the menu looks good, and so are the textmessages between the movie clips to.

The strange thing is that when I play the disc on my computer it looks good. Just like it did before I burned the disc.

So what do you think about this?
Is there a way to solve this problem?

I have not had any problems when I was burning downloaded movies. So it must be something wrong in the process.

Sorry for my english, hope someone can help me anyway.

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Welcome to the forum zorro85 :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!
Do you or someone else know how to fix this?
It feels like impossible.