I told you all that was faulty!

I see that a new version has been released.

Confirms my claims that was faulty. I didn’t appreciate receiving hate mail when I requested a copy of an older version.

Look forward to some apologies. :wink:

Don’t worry about that, personally i think it’s on your own which version you’ll use as long as you’ve a legal key. It’s similar to other programs. Best example nero someone would swear on it that is working well and someone would tell no chance going back to the previous version. So let’s keep it democratically! :wink:

@rapidfire crikey mate how many burners do you need lol

I think i’m a drive junkie, like many others here! :wink:

we have no documentation of your reasoning for requiring an older version of clonedvd2 before so we have no idea what your original problem was since you id not even attempt to seek help for your problem. the only problems that the previous version has was the individual audio stream selector was not working correctly (which could be bypassed by using the preferences selector) and that the quality bar wasn’t not working on select movies (which was merely an aesthetic problem)

neither of these affected the functionality of the program. based on teh current clonedvd2 changelog and your very long history of “not getting clonedvd2 to work” I’m going to go out on a limb and venture to assume that there was nothing wrong with the previous version of clonedvd2 that prevented anyone from successfuly copying a movie.

I for one never had any problems at all when creating backups using CloneDVD or CloneDVD, just some cosmetic issues, such as the quality percentage bar being faded out, which i didn’t consider that to be much of an issue anyway. works fine.

Doesnt effect burning DVD’s therefore not faulty imo. Just had some minor cosmetic flaws.

Thus no need to revert back to previous version as knowing Slysoft a “cosmetic fix” would be issued quite sharpish, and has been.

Now having a cracked version would requie as crack dosent work on

how do you know, have you tried it :rolleyes:

You got that right reasons…With kanamint’s way of reasoning, I guess CloneDVD2 has been “faulty” since it’s conception, based on all of the revisions. :wink:
Gotta be gone for a few days, but I look forward to coming back, and getting caught up on this soap opera. :bigsmile:

nope, just in various other posts on here slysoft comments have clarified that this is true.

CloneDVD2 has a built in integrity checker which picks up cracks and thus stops working and becomes “Faulty” if you like.

Just to add i purchased CloneDVD2 and Anydvd for $59 and would happily pay that price again :slight_smile:



I agree 100%. :iagree: Best $59 I’ve ever spent.

i bought them all seperatly, still worth the money :iagree:

Nice one Bj!

Err … Have you noticed something is hanging off your finger?

lol, it’s not me, but does it not look like Tax :confused:

Looks a little fishy to me . (HaHa)

I’d like to add that for members that have constant problems with CloneDVD: using windows, cruising the net, downloading and trying programs, downloading movies or just mpegs, running setups for hard programs, later deleting them, trying, testing, experimenting, multiple and possibly flawed or incomplete defrags etc and just plain using Windows for a year or more can, for many users, create a conflict ridden registry and overall finicky computer behavior.

Most old timers know that once a year, you have to save all your data, program/driver setup.exe’s (and anything you don’t want to lose or would have trouble finding again) to another HDD, pull out all your program disks, such as MS Office etc. etc. including Windows and the service packs … and just reformat your C drive and reinstall EVERYTHING fresh. A fresh start solves so many conflicting issues and is just something windows users have to live with. It’s time consuming but the only folks who actually fear that process are newbies (due to lack of experience and thus outright terror) and folks who never bought their programs, or who aquired so many “borrowed” or counterfiet programs or cracks that are hard or impossible to reaquire. No accusations here, I’m sure all of us have been a bit fishy at one time or another (not me … ever :rolleyes: ). So I doubt any of us are going straight to heaven with out putting in a few hundred years in purgatory. :disagree:

A reformat and fresh reload is required about once a year (some do it every six months) to keep a system running sweetly.

Just MHO to avoid conflicts and problems,

@ Whisperer1,

That’s why someone made Norton Ghost. A Norton Ghost disk image takes care of everything.

Best Regards,