I thought TY02 were good?

well the last 2 TY02 i burnt didnt impress me at all. the first burn i tested was so bad i had to stop it. then the 2nd burn was a little better and at the end it just went all teh way down. whats wrong with my TYs? both burnt at 8x. fujifil TY’s 8x DVD+R

Looks like you have the right scan speed for the NEC (5x), but I’ve not seen that the NEC is a great scanner. Do you have another burner like a Liteon, BenQ or Plextor? Try scanning in one of those if you do and see what the results are then. I’ve seen NEC say some burns are junk, but when the same DVD was placed in another burner and scanned, the results were much better. If you don’t have another burner, see if some of your friends do and have them scan it for you (if they do burning and scanning, that is).

Strange that they seem to be scanning so bad, try doing a transfer rate test and see how that comes out.

When you save your scans click the floppy disk icon in the top-right of the window and save it as a PNG not a jpg because it will look much better and will be a smaller file size.

Maybe a bad batch.
Some bad FUJI TY batches have been reported befor.
Now the problem is if you return to FUJI you probally will get RITEK/PRODISC manufacturerd media.

Well at least you dont have any POFs. I have had 3 discs with POFs, all fuji TY’s so far, with my benq 1620, all burned at the rated 8x.

Yes, it can get worse for u… :stuck_out_tongue:

thank God it hasn’t happened to me yet, I’ve had pretty good results with FujiFilm branded MIJ TY’s, I mostly burn at 12X with great results usually scoring in between 97 to 99!!! One thing I’ve learned over he years(unless it’s obviously the burner itself) is that having a computer composed of high quality parts is very…very important, specially the motherboard, stay away from generic crap which is usually the root of the problem.

Abit IC7-G Max 2 (Excellent motherboard)
3.0 ghz Intel Pentium 4 (Prescott)

hey so i burned at 6x and now its better then b4. 95 quality. oh yeah and i updated to liggy and dee W5 firmwire. well ill show you the scans after i back up some more dvds.