I thought RICOHJPN was good!

I’ve just got 4 Ridata 16X DVD+R (RICOHJPN R03) for testing , I burnt the first disc on my Pioneer 111L 8.29 @ 12X and the result is very bad
Should I reburn the same data again on another disc or it would be fine ?
My goal was to burn 2 discs with the Pio @12X (maximum allowed speed) and 8X , then with the Benq 1640 @12X and 8X and see the best result .

Here is the one burnt with Pio 111L @12X :

My batch of Traxdata branded RICOHJPN R03 wasnt exactly stellar either: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1590282&postcount=234. Bottom line - if you want Ricoh discs, buy Ricoh, not one of Riteks own brand names.

Even some of the Ricoh branded I have tried have been disappointing. I have given up on them.

That looks exactly like my scan ! lots of PIFs at the end of disc .
Here is another burn done with Benq 1640 @ 12X :

I shall probably pick up some Maxell branded RICOHJPN R03 tomorrow, out of curiosity, I’ll post scans here.


Here’s a memorex branded ricohjpnr03 burned at full speed on the lg h22n.

Wow, nice :clap: - you should scan that again in 3 months, just to see how it’s kept :bigsmile:

Here’s another one.

That looks like the scan of a DL disc with PIE jump at the layer break.

It’s single layer, for some reason burns with pioneer will produce a pie spike around that area, but trt tests are perfect and playback is also perfect on standalone units.

Your burn with the H22N is awesome , I should get this drive .
Your other burn with the Pioneer is very good (PIF wise !) but jitter and PIE are high .

I will test the last two discs @ 8X with both drives again and post the result.

@[B]Arachne[/B] : looking forward to seeing your scans :slight_smile:

TRT proves that there is something wrong at the end of discs :frowning:

At least you and I didnt buy a spindle of them (I bought 5). Im using mine for unimportant stuff :slight_smile:

Heh, I’m gonna get one of those titchy 10-spindles from Asda. Hope I don’t end up with Ritek F1, but hey it’s in the name of science I suppose :bigsmile:

Are you gonna buy +R or -R? Also, RitekF1 Maxell’s work well for me.

+R :wink:

Why are you gonna end up with RitekF1 then? :wink:

Good point, I misplaced my brains I think :bigsmile:

Ah well, whichever MID I end up with (RITEK or RICOHJPN), they’ll either be good for everyday use or giveaways, so it’s not so bad. :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s another one burned with H22N, at full 16X speed with no slow downs. I keep getting similar scans on all of my burns with this drive. I love it:)

Here are some burns on the same media using liteon SHW-160P6S@SHM-165P6S, burned at full 16X speed. Liteon also does a good job but the lg is definetly better.