I thought RicohJPN R03 was BAD but come on!

I have a few different spindles of RICOHJPN R03 Media. It all appears to burn like crap. I’m wondering if maybe my drive just doesen’t like them or is this just how bad they are? Despite having Printable(Memorex), and Non-Printable(Memorex and OD) varieties, every one i have is batch D0127, which I thought was the premium variety.

Does The SH-S203B just have a problem with this media or what. Most scans Iv’e seen from this batch code are MUCH better.

Here are a few scans to show what i mean:

First the Non-Printable Memorex. Burned @ 8x. This is the best burn so far with this media and batch code. Not horrible, but definitely not great.

Memorex Printable burned @ 8x

Office Depot Non-Printable burned @ 12x

The 203B sucks. Face it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, is the 203B a reliable scanner? You may need a Lite-On or BenQ to find out the true condition of those disks.

I can’t be sure how reliable it is as a scanner. All I can do is compare the media I’ve scanned. The worst I’ve got out of all of my other media is 4000-5000 Total PIF on a disc that wasn’t obviously bad.

The TRT on my most recent burn (the one attached above) shows a graph all over the place and a failure at the end. TIMEOUT ON LOGICAL UNIT. The disc has no visual imperfections so the errors are in the burn or the dye.

I can guarantee that it scans better than my pioneer 107, but compared to a BenQ or a Lite-On I don’t know :confused:

Try a scan on the ricohdisc at 4x. Personally i find it easier to look at 4x scans. A max scan can show almost everything in errors and yours isn’t alarming imo. The 203 isn’t an awful scanner like the NEC’s i have. I admit i haven’t really examinated the 203 as scanner but the few tests i made look a lot like something i could use if i didn’t have LiteOn? :slight_smile:

Edit - your TRT doesn’t look fantastic but i would give it another shot (also in another drive if you have one). Personally i have good experience with RICOHJPN R03 :slight_smile:

Are yours a D0### batch code?

I will try again at a slower speed. I never usually scan anything lower than 8x, and that doesn’t show much of a difference compared to max.

Atm i only have Panasonic - madie in India printables. Code is D1208C30604R. I just tried this for this test. 16x rated burned at 18x. I used CodeKing’s patch to get higher read speed for the TRT in the 203B. I suppose there can be variations in discs with this MID. Also higher than other “HQ” discs :wink:

The samsungs are reliable scanners.(good consistancy) However they are much more picky as Benq and Lite On’s specially for the last 0.5 gb when reading at high speeds. Some people prefer the samsung scans over the Lite on scans because the samsung fits better with the playback of there poor dvd players. (Lite On’s are much to forgiving.)

The TRT on my most recent burn (the one attached above) shows a graph all over the place and a failure at the end. TIMEOUT ON LOGICAL UNIT. The disc has no visual imperfections so the errors are in the burn or the dye.

I can guarantee that it scans better than my pioneer 107, but compared to a BenQ or a Lite-On I don’t know :confused:

Which proofs that Transfer rate + PIF scan are in line with each other and confirms the reliability a bit.

About RicohJPN R03. The variations specially on non ricoh branded media are large for this media. Also the support from the drive manufacturers is quite mixed.

I don’t use a lot of R03 because I get much better results with Ritek’s
other 16x +R media RITEKP16. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1732056&postcount=123

This is one of my best R03 burns:

This one was burned today at 8x in the Liteon LH20A1P.
Maxell 16x +R RICOHJPN03.
Burned at 8x in a Liteon LH-20A1P fw KL0N.

The first scan is at 4x in the Liteon. The second scan is at 8x in the Benq
DW1640. Both drives give a flawless 16x TRT.

Ouch @ the first scan.

I don’t have the 203B :sad: but my SH-S182D quite likes RICOHJPN R03 discs under the Maxell brand. I’ll dig out some scans from the Tests forum in a bit.

Ouchies to the first scans…the only time I’ve had discs fall outside of the 90% score range were with a poor burner at 16x speeds. Outside of that, never a coaster. [Which is why I quite like this media.]

My lovely little 840A [SH-202 series drive] does those at 18x with okay to very good quality. But, then again, I’ve never not had Memorex-branded Ricoh, and [except for the first batch I had in 2005] they’ve always been D0127. Always non-printables, as I have only bought 1 set of Memorex printables [CMC MAG M01].

Yup, with DVDinfoPro.

I don’t think 4x scanning is the way to go - why is it easier to look @ 4x scans??? The TRT shows issues and in most peoples books, this disc is a throwaway for this reason. The drive is reliable for consistency, so it’s results should be trusted. 4x scanning covers things up at times. What is the point of covering up obvious flaws? His results are alarming if you ask me, his first link shows errors @ only 8x scanning. The 12x result shows even more alarming errors and that’s still not a max speed scan. A good burn will scan fine @ all speeds.

Anyways, I say that media needs to be fed to another writer and then scanned again. See if the burn looks better.

I’ve always read that the D01# were the premium, and D1# were the seconds. If this is true (did I get them backwards?) mine should be burning better than yours.

Also, to clear up my original post, My first Scan is the only one that’s non printable. The other ones (and the office depot in my 3rd scan) are Printable. The non-printable is probably usable. I wonder if the white printable surface is affecting the burns/scans. The TRT on all but the third scan were perfect. There was also what looked like a fingerprint near the outside of the problem disc. I wiped it off with a microfiber cloth, and it didn’t come off. It appears to be in the dye.

I find that RITEKP16 scan hard to believe. It’s burning better than TY. I wonder if your Lite-On is being too generous. I don’t want to order a spindle of ridisc and have them burn like my RICOH’s.

If my Pioneer was a decent scanner I’d probably try it. But it always seems to put huge peaks and valleys into the PIE no matter what.

I don’t have many R03’s left, and I think I’m about to cut my ties with them. If I ever use them again I’ll make sure it’s the non-printable variety. Do any locally available (wal-mart?) brands come in the RITEKF16 MID?

The TRT was posted while i wrote my post above. Agreed it isn’t nice but since it is an error i don’t see a lot i would check the disc in another drive before i ditch it. I can’t tell if 4x scan is the way to go but i’ve gotten quite used to it the last 3-4 years. I’m not familiar enough with max scanning to make much useful out of it. Most of you guys say it’s good for problematic discs and i don’t use them enough :wink:

@ cam94z28 - Instead of Quality scan try a TRT in the Pioneer. As you see from my scans above the Samsung and LiteOn scans are pretty much alike (even with diff error levels). If there is a mechanical error “inside” the disc i wouldn’t save it for anything but experimental use :slight_smile:

Ahh don’t you hate the post that get in before you finish lol.

Fair enough, I like to use 16x scanning along with slow scanning also to show more pictures to the puzzle. Sometimes I’ve had perfect 4x scans then 16x showed large errors and many other drives failed TRT so it can be a real eye opener.

TRT in the Pioneer is a good idea. It may not show any problems though (which is actually kind of good). If the Pioneer has no problems then you may be able to use the disc in your dvd player as long as it isn’t too fussy.

I’m not sure I understand you here? We don’t want you to scan with the Pioneer but instead burn with it. Have you tried this already?

No I have not burned these with the Pioneer yet, since all other media seems to burn decently on the Samsung.

I will run a TRT and do a fresh burn on the Pioneer, I just need to hook it back up, and make sure I have the newest firmware.

I get pretty good results with Ricoh R03 mid stuff. I havn’t had much of an issue with either ritek or mbi made r03. They aren’t the best scans, but my players like them and TRT’s are always good.

I have slightly better results with the Mbi made stuff.

Example of a Panasonic Ricohjpn R03 (MII-MBI Made) @ 16x BQ1650:

Ditto for me. Scans can look downright bad, but the discs work well in my standalones.