I thought Plextor 24/10/40A has a fan?

Maybe it;s the fact that I’m in the UK and bought a UK spec Plextor 24/10/40A, but when I was reading the reviews it said this came with a rear mounted cooling fan.

Sorry chaps - no fan on the back of my spanking new Plexwriter…

Any idea whats happened here?


Hmm… I never heard of any fan that should be attached to the drive. But why let a fan make extra noise. As if you need a fan? LOL!

Got the same drive here, without fan and the driver rulez! :wink:

Mine hasn’t got one either.

i got one!!! yeah i am tha best but the speed uuhhhh 8/2/24 scsi:p but i got a FAN athe back maybe he doesn’t turn it’s only for the look everybody think wow i take that one it has a fan included

Mine does. It is TLA#0100 and made in Japan. You guys have the newer drives, and I think you will find are made in China. This was done to save costs but are still “bullet-proof” burners.
What is your TLA#?

BTW, the fan is absolutely silent, and is timed to the spin up and spin down times. YOU CANNOT HEAR IT!

I have one too. I think my mode is tla 0100 also, but not sure.

BTW, the fan is off when theres no cd in the drive. I check for mine my computer was still on and it wasn’t spinning

What do you mean by: ". . . bullet-proof burners . . "?

top quality, very reliable, cannot fault etc…

Mine does too, I have TLA 0000, I think… Can’t remember where it was made but I bought it when it first came out…


Mine has got a fan too. TLA 0000


Mines a TLA # 0202 without a fan but came with 1.02 firmware - not too bad then. Very strange that they put so much effort into designing this drive with a need for a fan and then changed their minds on certain runs (batches)

Mines an 0101 and I believe mine has a fan at the rear. Although to be fair, I haven’t checked since I bought it.:smiley:

No wonder the price for this drive dropped so low from 200 bucks!
Mines is #0100 and it has a fan in the back :slight_smile:

Is there anyone from the UK who has bought this drive with a fan attached? (not that I’m not interested in the States, but you chaps out there have a slightly bigger market than England so the distribution rules maybe different to European based countries)

As I said, I have a fan in the back of mine, and I am UK.:slight_smile:

about the fan on 241040A…reply from Plex support…

Q: The 2410 drive should be equipped with a fan, I read that somewhere. But not mine…I have also read in different forums that some drives have and some dont. Why is there differences? Surely a fan cant hurt.

A: this is normal because the new hardware revision is without a fan .

And what’s their justification for removing the fan in the first place?? That reply of their’s didn’t tell us shit!

Official Plextor Justification: “…When we introduced our 24x CD-Recorder end of july, we equiped it with a fan, to be sure that this drive did not overheat. After several months of field testing and experience, we found out that using this fan is not necessary to make this drive operate within the requested specifications. Therefor, we removed it, to save costs and be more competitive in the market…”

Pretty reasonable responce too me :wink:

Got mine a week ago TLA#0202 and No Fan … DABS in UK