I thought my 3540a was just a poor scanner - I should have RMA'd!

Turns out this drive is a terrible writer. If I had known this when I received it, I would have RMA’d it. I just want people out there who might be purchasing this or another NEC drive to know that scans SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE THIS FOR ANY REASON!

I’ll post scans of quite a few media IDs for reference, starting with the scans that opened my eyes to the problem. All quality scans will be performed with the 3540a @5x because my other drive (LG-4166) does not report errors.

#1) My best ever TYT02 burn on my 3540a. Sony branded and burned at 8x. (Big pic)


#2) A piece of the same spindle of Sony media burned on an LG-4166B FW 1.01 @8x.

Excuse me, but the first scan is done at 1X and the second scan at 5x.

I have a 3550 that is different enough from 3540, but when I do a scan at 5x I get terrible results (expecially PI Errors have no sense), no matter what kind of media. Instead when I do a 12x scan I get better looking scans.
Maybe if you burn the same media with NEC, and do a scan at 5x, you’ll get comparable results to the same media burned with LG.

I heard that 3540 was a good scanner and a very good burner here on the forum, so I took the 3550 that is a weird scanner but a very good burner too!

Turns out you unit is a not-so-terrific T02 burner.

The difference with your statement is important… :wink:

Also, actually only PIEs are strange. Since when a 337 PIF total, a 3 PIF max level (@8ECC) and a quality score of 99 is considered as “terrible”?? :rolleyes:

The scan was made at 1x which makes it really difficult to compare with other scans in this forum, since the forum standard for NEC scanning is 5x/8x.

The errors may increase or they may decrease, and the only way to find out is to perform the scan(s) again at 5x or 8x!

(Its)Rick, you should try re-scanning at 5x or 8x to get something that can be compared against other scans in the forum. :slight_smile:

Hmm, now that I think about it: Why are there two “standard” scanning speeds for NEC drives in this forum? That’s hardly a standard at all. :confused:
It’s getting really late and my brain is grinding to a halt…

That’s my best 3540 burn on T02 ever - by a significant margain.

I didn’t realize that scan was made at 1x - I started scanning at 1x for a while because it gave me more consistent scans.

Below is a more typical T02 burn/scan. I shouldn’t see PIEs or PIFs this high on some of the best media out there…

I’ll post some more MIDs as time allows so you can compare.

I have 3540A and burned and scanned at 8x
same firmware
my PIF is around 300
media: unbranded TY T02 (silver ones)