I thought i saw something new



hey duke, the site is great, and it's great to be back, but why the porno links? you couldn't need the money that badly...could you?

just a thought



it looks like some people think i’m running cdfreaks…
that’s NOT true
domin8tor and zise are the bosses…
i only manage the board and the site and do some general work…
and they decided to post a xxx link on the main page… doesn’t bother me at all… please click it


Hey Duke,

I was wondering… how many times did u click on that xxx link… gna gna gna :wink:


If you are a true Freak, just click the banners/links/whatever…

It doesn’t matter what kind of contens the banner/links/whatever is, just support CDFreaks !!

You don’t have to see what’s on the site, one click is enough



ZiSE and I have chosen to use a text link and not a banner and you can see it like going around with the hat like artists do, if you like it, then give something, else leave it.

I hope this explains our thoughts. BTW you never have to be afraid we will use blind links etc, that’s not our way of making a site.


That’s the way it has to be!
…and by the way, prutser, stop selling your stuff(url) on this forum, hehehe ; )


Yeah…a txt link as opposed to banner…now thats class…think i’ll go give it some cliks :stuck_out_tongue: