I thought CMC DVDs were supposed to be bad?

Well, after reading some horrible opinions regarding the quality or otherwise of CMC Magnetics discs, I was pleasantly surprised when I bought a 10 pack of Shintaro 8 speed DVD+Rs for my 812S USON firmware;

Not bad eh? This is stock firmware, US0N. No OmniPatch mods. I have been through about 5 different brands before finding this. What’s more, it’s cheap. For those in Australia, check them out at JB HiFi. $2 each, in jewel cases, bargain!!!

Well…firstly did u do a quality check with the dvds…it may have been burnt successfully but doesn’t mean it is of high quality, use kprobe.
And the quality of dvd discs depends from batch to batch and if your burner ‘likes them’.

Use kprobe? Well, that would be the image I posted above, right?

Here’s an updated scan, done at 4 speed which is the “default”. The previous one was done at 8 speed.

EDIT: I think my burner “likes them”

Really nice scan! btw don’t use the realtime chart for accurate results and always scan at 4x as you did in your last scan.
And… Kprobe 2.2.3 is available :stuck_out_tongue: Get it <a href=“http://kprobe.cdfreaks.com/adc8we/KP2Setup2.2.3.exe”>here</a>
Don’t forget to post your result on the <a href=“http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=76” target=“new”>DVD Media Test</a> section :stuck_out_tongue:

most likely it’s caused by realtime chart

I do believe that the new CMC Magnetics 8x discs are at least half decentl. At least they’re much better than that Princo trash! You gotta make sure your drive’s firmware supports the 8x CMCs though, otherwise they’ll burn like trash too!


hmm i never got anything close to that using uson and E01s you burned that at 8x or 4x?? Oh wait your doing realtime scans um turn off realtime and rerun that baby bet your not gonna get quite as good of a scan…like stated 100 times realtime scanning is not accurate. :wink:

YUP realtime makes everything look good:p

Sorry, didn’t realise “Realtime Scanning” had to be off. Here we go again;

Not quite as good, but still superb for a $2 8 speed disc!

very nice cmcs vary so much in quality heres my burn with USON stock fw at 8x.

sold as HP 8x DVD+R

not quite as good.

US$2? Isn’t that more than what TY t02 media cost?

$2 a disc? Dang, I can get Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x DVD+R for $2 a disc. And their quality isn’t as variable as CMC media.

But that was a really good scan. All 3 of them. :slight_smile:

I get good, not that good but within reasonable limits for playability, results out of 4x CMC media sold as Khypermedia with my 411S@811S. That’s a nice scan though!

All the Khypermedia media I’ve gotten has been pretty bad. I get awful scans with it, regardless of what drive I burn it on. It wouldn’t even burn in my Sony DRU-500A without erroring out. My NEC ND-2500A and Sony DW-U18A burn it, but PI errors are in he 400 range.

Surprisingly though, it plays fine in my standalone DVD player. Even with the huge number of errors.

I believe standalone players are more affected by PIF errors, so if your disc has lots of PI’s but low amount of PIF’s it can play fine…

No, $2AU, as per original post. Anything decent here (TDK etc.) costs upwards of $3.50 a disc, so $2 is indeed a bargain.

most newer home players wont start to skip etc. unless the pis are generally over 600. :wink:

sounds about right as my hp E01s cost 1.40$ american each.

I was burning a shintaro 8x DVD+R on my 812S with US0N firmware last night.

About 3/4 of the way through nero suddenly said it encountered a write error and aborted the burn process. I was to go back into nero and finalise the disc, the bits that were burnt were ok and came up fine in kprobe scan… anyone have a similar experiece?