I think the SH-203B has died

Well last night I was trying to back up a new movie I bought at Walmart
Diary of a Wimpy Kid and it was reading very,very, slowly on both of my
iHAS 324 and 424 drives.

I then put it in the Samsung SH-203B and it started just fine then all of a
sudden it went crazy sounded like it was doing about 75,000 RPM’s and all
at once it sounded like the disc had exploded inside the drive it made a loud
pop sound and sounded like pieces of it hit the front door on the drive.

I then took the disc out and looked at it and it had scratched a very small place
in the track of the disc but all the rest of it looked good. I then tried it again but
the Samsung would not even try to read the disc so I tried several other discs in
it but no go it will not read anything now so guess that I did kill it for sure.

I finally got the movie backed-up using the iHAS 224 it read the disc quite a bit
faster and better than the others did still slower than normal but still got it done.

RIP Samsung
or should that be rest in pieces. :doh: :eek: