I think my Samsung SH-S182D has died

Well after 2 burns today I started getting coasters. I was getting dark burn rings on the disks (Verbatim 16x and TYG02’s).

Tried 4 different cables and the other IDE channel with no more luck.

Decided to flash back to SB03 and that seemed to go ok and on reboot the BIOS
sees the drive but Windows now does not see it at all!

If anyone else has anything else I can try because I have tried everything
I can think of.

Otherwise it will go back to the egg for a replacement.

Yo MD-

Unusual - have you tried uninstalling the drivers in the secondary channel in control panel device manager-eh?

If not try that - let the computer reboot and reinstall fresh set of drivers - sometimes that will do the trick-eh!

Man, what a drag.

You could exchange it for a Lite-On 160/165 series drive instead I suppose… :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck though - seriously.

Tried that bigmike and I get nothing, I have my LG as master on that same
ide channel and the drive Burns fine.

I wouldn’t normally cry over a $30 drive but this one burns so good (or did anyway)

I also noticed over the past few day the door didn’t open on the first try, I didn’t think anything of it at the time…

hi in my s182d died DVD RW not work and nero show dvdrw > DVD ROM
in my burner died RW nero show dvdrw media in info tool DVDROM
i’m burn CDR CDRW DVDR but not DVDRW why? this burner good work one week sorry speek english werry well

Try Imgburn v2. www.imgburn.com

Probably you must update your Nero.