I think my NEC 3520 just broke, Please help me

Hey Guys,

I need your help. i got NEC 3520 A in Feb 2005. Couple days ago i burned a dual layer dvd with it and while buring, burner made loud noises (luckily dvd was burned just fine). After that i didnt use my dvd drive. Yesterday I put blank dvd to burn something but now this drive doesnt recognizes any dvds (blank or dvds with data) or any cds. I checked the
Control Panel --> System -->HardWare–>Device Manager

There it shows the drive functioning properly and theres no conflict either. Whenever i insert something in the drive, Greed light glows for a minute and when i double click on the drive in the Windows Explorer it says please insert a disk.

So does that means that drive is broke now? Since i’ve got one month for warranty and i never played with the firmware as well so can i sent this drive for repair/replacement??

Where i’m suppose to send it to?? To NewEgg from where i bought it or to NEC?? and what step i have to take to RMA it?? please help me in this matter

your help will be highly appreciated

Thanks very much for your time to read this long post.

Test the drive in another computer if possible.

If not, probably it’s time to RMA it.

I tested it in one more computer and on a different OS. Can you please tell me how can i RMA it?? i mean i have never did it?? whom i’m suppose to contact?? please tell me how should i go abt this.

Thanks very much for ur reply

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First of all you need to contact the supplier of your drive.
They should have a “returns” form on the website.

Thanks for the reply again. I’ll contact NewEgg and lets see what they say.

Thanks again

when you go to their site there is a link that says
Return Item (RMA)
click on that and get a RMA and mail your NEC back to them

Thanks for the additional info, i wasn’t 100% sure how RMA’s were handled in the USA.

Exact same thing happened to me on my NEC 3500 yesterday. I have had it since Novemember 2004 so it’s past warranty for me. I, too was burning Dual layer mode.
Now it clicks when I put any kind of media in it. I tried it another PC already and re-flashed it. Same exact problem. Incidently, a NEC 3520 on another machine was having the same issues after a dual layer burn but after uninstalling the CD rom drivers in XP it went back to working. I am kind of gun shy with Dual Layer media burning right now.

Wonder if there is a pattern?