I think my monitor just died!

I’m hoping it’s NOT my monitor, but my troubleshooting is pointing directly toward it!

I have a 17" LCD ViewSonic for a couple of years now, today after a little while (about 10 min. or so) the monitor would just go black and the green light stays on as if it’s fine. I tried updating the video card driver (ATI x300), I tried changing the cable from VGA to DVI, same thing. SO I turned off my PC, now when I just turn on the monitor, normally the monitor will come on and I will get the normal no input. So I tried to see if I can get that, no I can’t. I turn the monitor on (PC is off), you can see the monitor go on (the black background gets a little lighter) then it goes pitch black again and I don’t get the no input message.

I don’t have another video card to try, I did try taking it out and puting it back in.

I guess I would like to know what others think, I’m I correct in thinking it’s the monitor?

Thanks in advance (I’m using a friends PC for this post until I get back up and running again)


could you try the monitor with another computer? Since it is a LCD, it shouldn’t be hard to carry it over to a friend.