I think my LTR-48125W is Dead ? Please Help?

Hi Guys !!!

After just owning it for 1.5 months, I think my LTR-48125W burner is dead.

Just wanted your opinion before I take it back to the dealer.

  1. I was burning a about 500 MB data on an HP 16x certified 80min @ 48x (SmartBurn limit), At about 35% speed dropped to 16x & continued till the end. After the motor spinning up & down for some time, I received error in Nero ( “Could not perform end of track”. - The CD is however readable.

  2. Burnt the same contents on a Princo 2x-48x certified @ 40x (SmartBurn limit). Speed didn’t drop but at Lead IN and Lead OUT process the motor was spinning UP & DOWN for about 3 minutes & then finally Nero displayed that the burn was successful. - This CD is not detect in the burner but, can be detected by my CD-ROM. (LG 52x)

  3. I was burninga VCD in Nero on 2x-48x certified Princo media. Buffer Under Run occurred at 96-97% but, the drive couldn’t recover from it. Motor spinned up & down before the error.

  4. Burnt on Sony 32x certified media @ 32X from CCD4. Speed dropped to 16x at about 25% & continued till end.

  5. Burnt a CUE image from Nero ( on a Sony 24x certified @ 24x. At around 50% the yellow LED lit up on the burner. It was not a buffer-underrun. All buffers were full. After that Green LED blinked for some time & the CD came out half the way.

  6. Tried burning the same CUE image on a Princo 2x-48x certified princo @ 40x (SmartBurn Limit) in Nero ( . CD burnt fine (thats what I thought). There were no speed drops. But, the CD has loads loads or errors. Lite-On reads the CD @ 5x - 6X speed. ITs a game CD. Works somewhat in LG52x CD-ROM. The game pauses & freezes in between & sound comes with clicks & hisses & so on.

I have gone mad. :a :a :a :a :a :a

What do you suggest ??? :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

One more thing, Shall I contact Lite-On by e-mail before I take the drive to the Dealer.

Originally posted by darshanjog

Shall I contact Lite-On by e-mail before I take the drive to the Dealer.
Don’t waste your precious time with it . Just try to get a RMA ASAP

Thank you BoSkin.

Do you also think that my burner has given up?

50+ views, no one has suggestions ???:bow: :bow: :bow:

To: darshanjog

50+ views, no one has suggestions ???

Is this the same burner that you said was working so well in Stomp RecordNOW Max? (Or maybe you are using Prassi PrimoDVD which is basically the same as RecordNOW.) Remember how we discussed the fact that the LTR-48125W isn’t supported in the Prassi engine of RecordNOW?

I wonder if there’s even the slightest chance that RecordNOW caused a LiteON failure since the drive isn’t supported in that software? I realize this is an extremely remote possibility. But, I will always wonder, nevertheless.

But, let’s move onward …

If I read your post correctly, you are talking about failures using a “cue” image and a failure burning a VCD. Looks like you tried Nero and CloneCD for the image and looks like you used Nero for the VCD.

Maybe the image is corrupt? Maybe there’s an encoding fault in the video files that cause Nero to stop writing properly?

How does the drive work when you master a data CD? How does the drive work when you master an audio CD? Does it work okay in those instances? Maybe you just have a corrupt disc image and some corrupt video files?

Let’s exclude CloneCD for the moment because it could just be a bad image you are trying to burn.

Does this burner work okay for data and audio burns using other software instead of Nero? If the LTR-48125W only fails in Nero, I would suspect a corrupt installation of Nero.

If the LTR-48125W fails to burn properly when using several different CD mastering software packages, I would certainly consider the LiteON drive as possibly the failed component.

First I would try different software packages to write a disc. If the burner writes properly using software other than Nero, I would consider the LiteON has possibly failed.

But, you say you use Windows XP Pro? I have XP Pro, but, I dont’ use it. XP Pro seems to cause a number of problems with CD burning and I don’t want to deal with those problems.

Adaptec built the CD burning engine of Windows XP Pro and I think they have caused more problems than they know how to fix. Each update for the CD Burning engine of XP Pro just seems to send more users to forums looking for new fixes for new problems. Each time I read the sad posts from XP Pro users, I decide that Windows XP Pro is not yet ready for me.

So, let’s eliminate XP Pro from this equation for the moment because there could be so many problems in XP Pro. XP Pro could suffer from ASPI problems, and burning engine problems. I’m hearing of both in newsgroups and forums.

Guess what? Adaptec/Roxio wrote the ASPI engine and the CD Burning engine of XP Pro. See the common denominator? Adaptec/Roxio is ruining CD burning fun for lots of people.

So, let’s eliminate XP Pro from the equation. You specify Windows ME as one of the operating systems that you can use.

I don’t use Windows ME either, so, I can’t remember: Does Windows ME include an ASPI layer? Or do you have to install one?

If Windows ME includes its own ASPI layer, that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s the trusty and reliable version 4.60?

Nero has its own engine, but, conflicts can arise.

If you can verify that ASPI 4.60 is installed in Windows ME (or whichever ASPI version is appropriate for Windows ME), then I would turn off AIN (Auto Insert Notification) [also known as “autoplay”]. Then reboot.

Now, with AIN turned off in Windows ME, try burning with Nero. If it now fails, you could strongly consider the LiteON drive as failed.

But, go one step further. Try other CD mastering software packages in WindowsME.

Now, if the LiteON fails to burn properly using software other than Nero in Windows ME, my opinion is that the LiteON has certainly failed and it’s time to exchange it for a new one as soon as you can.

One last thing you could try: Re-flash the LiteON drive with the latest approved firmware available from the LiteON web site. I would guess that there’s a chance that the firmware instructions on the chip in the LiteON could be corrupt. Before I went to the trouble of returning the drive, I would try one properly executed flash procedure to see if things improve.

If you insist on using WindowsXP Pro, try turning off all the automatic stuff for the LiteON drive where XP Pro will automatically do this and that for images, audio, data, video, and so forth. Essentially, you will be turning off “autoplay” for all situations for the LiteON drive.

Or, better yet, search the web (Google is good) to find out how to truly disable the built-in CD burning engine of Windows XP Pro. This must be accomplished from the Registry and/or from the Policy manager and/or from the Services manager.

If you simply turn off the “automatic stuff” for each drive, you have only disabled the features. The “engine” still exists as a troublesome component. You must modify the registry, the policies (which will alter available services), and you must also delete some core Windows files in order to truly disable the built-in CD burning engine of Windows XP Pro.

Once you truly disable the CD engine of XP Pro, I think you will find that all of your 3rd party CD mastering software willl perform better.

(As I remember, you can’t disable the engine if you plan to use Roxio softare. But, if you use any other 3rd party software other than Roxio, you can disable the built-in CD burning engine of XP Pro with great results.)

It’s a rather simple procedure, but, the procedure must be followed accurately. It’s not an appropriate topic for this forum. But, if you will search the web, you’ll find many expert solutions for this common problem.

Me? I find it much easier to just use Windows 2000. Some day I hope an XP Pro service pack will eliminate the conflicts with my 3rd party software. But, Windows XP is not ready for me yet. XP Pro still tries to force my 3rd party software into failure.

With XP Pro, I find that even my flatbed scanner software is sabotaged by the built-in Windows XP graphics imaging engine. I have to disable that “built-in feature” as well.

The list goes on and on. Windows XP Pro just seems to degrade 3rd party software performance when it should be enhancing 3rd party software performance.

But, that’s just my silly little opinion. I’m sure I’ll get some flames on this XP issue. But, while the XP Pro people are constantly installing updates, hotfixes, and work-arounds, I am just happily burning, imaging, and getting work done in Windows 98SE and Windows 2000. I don’t have to spend my time looking for fixes to make a $200 XP-Pro operating system support my 3rd party software.

Good luck.



This is the same burner that was working properly earlier. No probs.

Just a few days ago, its started giving me lot of yellow sectors on different media.

I have already mentioned I mastered few multisession data cds which also turned to coasters.

I have had no problems with XP Pro for CD Burning.

I use Stomp RecordNOW, EZCD5.1+Update, Nero

It was working fine on all the software earlier.

Also, I had done a successfuly flash to VS08 using Lite-Ons official firmware upgrade prog.

Your symptoms resemble the ones I had on my previous 40125S. Ended up making CD-Rs with lots of yellow sector and high C2 and C2 count in WSES, finally I attacked the EEPROM and wiped it so it died :cool: and I got a replacement that works great.

Try flashing to VS02 and then check your drive.

it sounds like a bad drive.
i had almost identical problems with my lite on.
tried everything people suggested but darn thing
just wouldn’t work.
believe me when i say i tried everything…for both software and hardware.
after spending hours and hours on that darn drive, i gave up.
and got myself a replacement.
new drive is working perfectly without any errors under same
system configurations.

don’t waste your time on it.
just get a replacement.

p.s. here’s what i did.

  1. upgrade and downgrade firmwares using mtkflash following every steps on the directions.
  2. installed aspi update from adaptec.
  3. upgrade my mobo’s firmware
  4. installed new ide controller
  5. put the drive in primary slave/secondary master/slave.
  6. dma disabling then reenabling.
  7. replaced my video card.
  8. clean installed windows 98 2 times.
  9. used 5 different cd media. 4 of them TY and 1 of them CMC.
  10. replaced ide cables. tried both 40 and 80 pin.
  11. updated nero to the lastest version and also tried older versions.
  12. tried many different cd mastering software including clone cd, roxio ez cd, win on cd, and etc.
  13. uplugged everything including cpu,ram,video card,sound card,
    and etc from mobo and replugged back in.
  14. after everything failed, i put a blanket over my face and cried my eyeballs out. :eek:

Thanks for your suggestion guys.

I’ll surely contact the dealer & get a replacement. Hope the new burner I get is fine.

Hey Darshan
I had a problem yesterday,when adding a session to a previous data disc, but the LeadOut time was LONG!I had to do a hard reset,but when i burnt a new cd using Riteks it went off fine.Just check the media you are using,and then go for the RMA.The shops will be closed till Thursday anyway, because of Bhaubeej on Wednesday


Tried various media. Its time for replacement. I’ll be coming to Lamington Road on the coming monday.

I hope I get a replacement in RMA instead of a repair.