I think my DVD burner is possessed

My DVD burner has suddenly stopped loading DVDs. The burner is maybe a year old; it’s an LG GSA-5169D SuperMulti external burner. My computer is an Acer travelmate 230 running Windows XP.

The weird thing is, it loads burned discs and discs that are not copy-protected with no problems, but original DVDs will hardly ever register, including discs that have always worked before.

Even weirder, every now and again, maybe once in a hundred tries, an original DVD will register and play fine, but then after the disc is ejected it will go back to not working again, even if I put the same DVD back in. It is as though I’ve put in a blank disc; it does not register at all.

I can’t understand why it would work some times and not others, and why it would only play burned discs. It’s very frustrating; I’d really appreciate it if anyone here could give me any idea as to what the problem might be. :confused:

Welcome to CDF.

I’m moving this from the General Hardware forum to the Optical Drives forum.

Oh, thank you. I didn’t realise I’d posted in the wrong place; sorry about that.

No problem, it happens all the time.

Clean the drive, uninstall any video/dvd player software and also run rootkit checkers.

Thankyou; I will try this and see if it helps. :slight_smile: